The giant man’s face is angry,Just wanted to speak,Lu Menglin spit on his throat,He was beaten so hard that he couldn’t say a word。

“My patience is limited!While i want to talk,You better hurry up!Otherwise I will kill!”Lu Menglin added coldly again。
The temple guards all stared at him with extreme vigilance,They knew what the madman said was true,Just look at his blow just now,Shatter the god armor on the leader,You know the deep pit that blasted the ground of the hall。
This guy in front of me,Too sturdy!When he held that terrible weapon in his hand,It’s no longer something a team of temple guards can deal with。
Besides, he still has hostages in hand,No recruit,Only shout!
The guards of the temple looked at each other,They started to back away slowly,Back again。
then,Two of the temple guards turned and ran,Rushed all the way to the apse。
next moment,A golden beam of light suddenly lit up in the front hall,In the beam of light,A figure appeared quickly。
This person walked out of the beam of light,A gorgeous red robe,Headband high crown,The momentum is like god’s grace,The light pattern on the body flickers,So dazzling that you almost dare not look directly。
“Red robe priest?”Princess Huanhai blurted out,Your Highness’s face suddenly became hard to see the extreme。
exactly,She didn’t recognize the person who appeared from the beam of light,But she recognizes the red robe。
That is the costume of the red robe priest,Represents a very high status in the Guangming Dragon Temple。
Because Fashen City also has a Bright Dragon Temple,And the godfather of Princess Huanhai,Is a great priest in a red robe。
The red-robed priest in the Guangming Dragon Temple,Is second only to the Pope,And in a bright dragon temple,There are only three red-robed priests at most,When His Majesty the only Pope on the entire continent of God’s People left the world,After returning to the embrace of the Light Dragon Kingdom,The next great pope,From among these nine great priests in red robe。
Wu Hao’s evil deeds,Actually provoked a red robe priest,He is dead this time!The strength of the red robe priest,Already firmly standing at the top of Shenmin Continent,According to the record of Guangming Dragon Temple,Every great priest in red robe,They are all above level 45。
and,This level is only the level when they became the great priest in red robe,The longer they stay in the position of the red robe priest,Unfathomable strength,No one knows what level the real strength of a great red-robed priest is,Because for most people,Is an unreachable existence。
Princess Huanhai smiled bitterly,She doesn’t think,Wu Hao has a chance to survive under the hands of a great red-robed priest,Even with her identity,And can’t change the decision of a great priest in a red robe。
It seems,This red-robed priest is really angry,I’m so angry to maintain my demeanor,I don’t want to walk here anymore,But directly transmitted by divine grace。

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