A leopard was so cool,Called many things,Started to say I can’t drink,Ended up eating and chatting,Took beer again。

Chen Wenjin was eating, drinking and chatting,I heard Abao say a lot,I’ve been talking about things since childhood,Finally, when he talked about peaches, he burped and said:“Actually, I didn’t hate peaches so much,Knowing her virtue in school, I look down on her more and more。But she looks good and doesn’t need money,Does it take advantage of my character??Of course not like!The real reason for breaking up,She is at odds with Hui,What Hui said to me is clear,Taozi didn’t make up with Hye just because we are brothers,Still resentful,Hye said she didn’t want to destroy our brotherhood,So the ugly talk first,If Taozi targets her first,Then she will fight back,Let me not blame her for not showing me love。I thought it was not that serious,But the words of Taozi in the private room let me know,She is a scourge,Don’t dump him,I might lose your brother。”
Chen Wenjin listen,nod,Toast,He decided to be a listener tonight。
Abao said a lot,I even told the secret that I used to peek at women who secretly learn short cuffs。
When going back,Car stopped,Abao get off,Holding car key,Sorry to say:“I should have asked you to drive back,But i will use tomorrow。”
“Nothing。”Chen Wenjin actually knows,Abao won’t let him drive away,Because tonight,Abao said too much。
“gold,Will you suddenly change your mind,I don’t need to divide the money?”A Bao looked at Chen Wenjin drunkly,The hippie smiley looks like joking。
“You can just say it if you don’t want to divide。”Chen Wenjin actually knows what Abao is thinking。
“Hehe……tomorrow,see you tomorrow,gone back。”A leopard walked into the gate drunkly。
“good night,Good dream。”Chen Wenjin waved,gone。
But he knows,See you tomorrow。
Abao has actually made a decision,So I said so many things I never said before,Leopard doesn’t want to break diplomatic relations,In the end, I can only hope that Chen Wenjin will change his mind without him sharing the money。
Those wines,Those barbecue,Those words,It’s as if I want to make up all the things that should be said and gathered in the future。
Next day,Dawn。
Chen Wenjin didn’t call Abao,A gentleman can’t speak bad words,Besides, he doesn’t feel disappointed or angry,It is normal that human nature cannot stand the test,Especially such a big temptation,He fully understands Abao’s thoughts。
just,The most cherished friendship,It should be someone who can surpass the ordinary。
If not,Don’t treat it as close。
Hui returned home,Chen Wenjin didn’t find Abao,I haven’t contacted him,He just went to the movies with his sister Chen Qian,Eating and drinking for a day。
Used to be too young,Holding the unsuspecting friendship in one hand,Holding one hand and thinking that it will last forever。
Time let the grown-up teenagers understand,Irreplaceable home,And the pivotal role of blood。

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