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The dishes seem to be ordered long ago,All in a while,Sister Wang motioned to Rong Sisi to close the door,Then he said with a smile:“Mr. Xia can make a joke,We are both inferior to raising cattle”

“Oh!I don’t understand,What kind of money do you two want me to give you”Xia Jian pretended to be confused。 Li Na snorted,Pretend to be angry:“This handsome boy doesn’t treat our sisters as friends,Don’t give face,Eat well first,Drink well” Such a table of dishes,Don’t eat white,Xia Jian is also welcome,It’s all here,He is really hungry,Regardless of […]


Waiter lights candles,Turn off the lights in the private room,Exited gently。

“thank you,Uncle,I did not expect……”Xia Shuyue didn’t know what to say。 Uncle smiled,“You make a wish,Good luck tomorrow。” Xia Yueshu nodded,Hands together,Close your eyes and make a wish,Half a minute later,open one’s eyes,Blow the candle,Uncle handed her the tool,“You cut the cake。” Xia Shuyue cut two pieces and put them on the plate,Own piece,Uncle piece,Two […]


But it is also this unlucky,Also“Lucky”,Otherwise it is not a martial arts novel,But a realistic novel。

Self suicide in prison,He finally went to the trunk of Ding Causa in prison,Ding Di after he is turned off,Confident he is not“Undercover”,So hot《God》From the death of death,Save him,And will《God》Give him。 Ding Ding Dynasty is poisonous after escape,Empty、Di Yun,Although I was bell swordsman,But also“Lucky”The blood knife is as a scorpion,Not only saved him,He also passed […]


Xia Jian lying in bed,Put your hands behind your head。He thinks back these days,Those things he did。Although all thrilling,But always pass,This made Xia Jian confident。

suddenly,He remembered when he went to Huwang Village the day before yesterday。Then he smiled and said a word to Hu Fusheng“Chief Xia!Our Donglin Township is a poor village。No food,Don’t talk even more if you want money。But Donglin Township has more than 1,000 mu of Northeast Pine,This is a great fortune!what a pity!We can’t move this […]


This is a truth when I am angry with the world. It is a truth.。

If it is the bottom floor,The high-level people are consciously think away from the flames,Will run up!However,Effect according to chimney,Rande,Will wait until the fire is burned to the high level,It’s lived by the black smoke.。 So the only life in that time,Waiting for rescue。If there is no rescue to bet,Running down is the option to […]


Subsequently,Passed out。

This person,In the gods,No one knows no one knows。 Simultaneously,No one,Dare to provoke this person。 “This? What’s the situation?” After this person exploded。 The gourd is out of control。 but,Inside,But there are countless roads。 These avenues,Each,All unclaimed。 “fast,Use your power to seal this gourd。” “made money,This time you make a big profit。 Your avenue,Different from […]


Start now,They can consider,Start from this aspect。

slowly,As these people watched over,Xia Chaoxian waved his hand,Can’t help talking here。 “All right,Actually all of you,Don’t need to worry so much for now。” “right now,Everyone prepare well,As for other things,Wait for me to arrange!” Xia Chao first finished,The others nodded and agreed。 In fact, it looks like,This is a good opportunity。 If you wait […]


“mom,Why are you ordering so many delicious foods??Could it be that you are hungry?”

Liu Chunlan’s eyes stared,Then said: “Of course,Several of us have come out of home in the morning,I haven’t eaten anything yet?” “Let alone eating,Slobber,I haven’t had it yet?” ———— Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Six Liu Chunlan’s idea This sentence of Liu Chunlan,It can be regarded as completely bringing Lin Feng and the others into […]


The giant man’s face is angry,Just wanted to speak,Lu Menglin spit on his throat,He was beaten so hard that he couldn’t say a word。

“My patience is limited!While i want to talk,You better hurry up!Otherwise I will kill!”Lu Menglin added coldly again。 The temple guards all stared at him with extreme vigilance,They knew what the madman said was true,Just look at his blow just now,Shatter the god armor on the leader,You know the deep pit that blasted the ground […]

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