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Commemorating the Central Revolutionary Base Creation and the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Soviet Republic held in Beijing

Beijing November 2nd Electric Memorial Central Revolutionary Based on the establishment of the Central Committee, the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Soviet Republic was held on the 2nd. The Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, the Secretary of the Central Secretariat was attended the […]


2020 China City Tentoonstelling Industrie Concurrentievermogen Index heeft de vierde plaats in Chengdu uitgebracht

Originele titel: de vierde plaats in Chengdu-groep als een uitgebreide beoordelingsindex van de ontwikkeling van een tentoonstellingsindustrie, de concurrentievermogen van de stadsconferentiesector van China, weerspiegelt een uitgebreid concurrentievermogen van een stad tot op zekere hoogte. Gisteren, de 2021 China-conventie en tentoonstelling City Industrial Companity Summit en Tentoonstelling City Competitiveness Index aangekondigd in Chengdu, die ook […]


China Meteorological Bureau lanceerde de "People’s First Life First" thema Practice in de National Forecasting Team

Op 26 augustus, het Bureau van de partij Groep Partij Geschiedenis van China Meteorologische Bureau uitgegeven een kennisgeving aan de "people eerste, life-supreme" thema praktijk activiteiten in de nationale forecraft team uit te voeren, en vergezeld het implementatieplan voor de meerderheid van motiveren voorspellers om de rode gen erven. nauwkeurigheid Verhoogde voorspelling en vroegtijdige waarschuwing, […]


Can you enjoy the deed tax subsidies to pay for a deed tax?

Is the deed tax pay? Will the queue deed tax will not be troubled? The reporter learned that the street offices of Zhengdong New District will be simultaneously handled underline, solve the problems such as more than paying more, and causing confusion. The Henan Electronic Taxation Bureau has also opened the online deed tax declaration […]


The first domestic consumption faucet ETF listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange yesterday

Original title: The first domestic consumption faucet ETF yesterday, Launched Laofa October 13 ETF ", trading code 516130, timely investors provide a button all-in-law A-share 50 major consumption leader. In the exchange trading period, investors can easily trading "consumption faucet ETF" in the secondary market like buying and selling stocks. Since 2010, my country’s resident […]


Tianzhu Public Security Carried the Night Control Centralization Unified Action

In order to further strengthen the social security management work, effectively eliminate all kinds of safety hazards, squeezing the criminal space, September 24-25, Tianzhu County Public Security Bureau continuously launched a centralized unified inventory operation. The whole police of this action participated in, multi-police binding, and the county hotel industry, rental houses, bars, KTV, Mu […]


The dishes seem to be ordered long ago,All in a while,Sister Wang motioned to Rong Sisi to close the door,Then he said with a smile:“Mr. Xia can make a joke,We are both inferior to raising cattle”

“Oh!I don’t understand,What kind of money do you two want me to give you”Xia Jian pretended to be confused。 Li Na snorted,Pretend to be angry:“This handsome boy doesn’t treat our sisters as friends,Don’t give face,Eat well first,Drink well” Such a table of dishes,Don’t eat white,Xia Jian is also welcome,It’s all here,He is really hungry,Regardless of […]

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