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Bai Zhenshan ran in after hearing the sound,He saw what Bai Ruyu looked like,Hurriedly retreated to the door,Then asked Xia Jiandao anxiously:“What’s wrong with her?Will it be life threatening?“

Xia Jian ignored Bai Zhenshan’s question,But pick up the facial tissue on the head of the bed,Gently wiped off the bloodshot eyes of Bai Ruyu’s mouth,Then asked softly:“how do you feel?“ “So comfortable,Breathing is much smoother,It’s like losing a heavy burden“Bai Ruyu said,Gratefully glanced at Xia Jian。 Xia Jian let out a long breath。Bai Ruyu […]


“Jasmine is naturally there,but……I only have2Computer,You bring3Notebook?”Guo Yinzhe said the problem。

“I bring1station……”Shunzi replied。 “Mine can be loaned to Zhang Song……”Feng Xichuan said。 “Thank you,President!You still have a laptop?” Feng Xichuan does have a book he has collected for many years,It’s just that he usually only uses a manic desktop to show his compelling character as a computer god。 “Then,Lu Yi male ticket……I can lend it […]


This result is still diametrically opposed to the teenager’s expectations,And repeat,Like the reincarnation in the world,But this kind of cycle has obvious spiral changes,Wait until the third swallow is complete,Four characters left,What surprised the boy was,The characters this time are not heaven and earth,But the five elements,Only lack of fire。

In the doubts and feelings of the teenager,The picture on the wall started the fourth collision and swallowing,He has an enlightenment,Unexpected,It turned out that there were five characters left,That fire character is finally among them,And unsurprisingly swallowed the other four elements。 But the boy never thought that there would be a fifth swallow,The remaining five […]


And the moment Ye Xuan threw out the check,In Ye Xuan’s mind,A voice followed。

“Successfully spent 5 million,Health increased310。” what,Is this okay?? Think of these,Ye Xuan seemed to have discovered the New World suddenly。 in fact,If this looks ok,Then next,Ye Xuan’s heart,Probably already know,What to do now。 But the more so,Actually Ye Xuan is seeing these,The corners of his mouth rise slightly,Bring up an intriguing smile。 And put it […]


“no!By the way, you have created a report on a Hollywood blockbuster,This female secretary also appeared in the reading and writing of your newspapers,Don’t you know her?”Qin Feng smiled。

After Qin Feng said so,Liu Yang blushes,Because it’s embarrassing!Speaking of that article,At that time, Liu Yang wanted to make Qin Feng look like a scumbag。It’s better to be a woman insulator from now on,Let him never get to know the girl again。 This is the best result of Liu Yang’s revenge against Qin Feng。 just […]


Other people regained consciousness after reaching saturation,It can be seen from the joy on their faces,The gain this time is definitely not small。

“You remember,The way to ask God is endless,It needs to feel,Find what belongs to itself,Able to exist beyond foreign objects,Maybe it’s rain,It’s possible to feel in a word,This is the way to ask God。” “Juniors are taught!” The old dragon guard did not treat these people wrongly,And you can say it unceremoniously,Just these words,Is what […]


“Oh,correct,I met Yinsang,The person Zhong Fa said yesterday.”Qin Feng simply repeated the conversation between himself and Yinsang。

Jiang Min frowned when he heard,“What is the purpose of that person?” “I know,I find that my brain is not enough now, you know?You people always talk nonsense,Hide your purpose,I can’t guess it at all,I was taken around by you。” Speaking of this, Qin Feng clearly expressed his dissatisfaction。 “okay,so be it!”Finished,Jiang Min turned and […]


A leopard was so cool,Called many things,Started to say I can’t drink,Ended up eating and chatting,Took beer again。

Chen Wenjin was eating, drinking and chatting,I heard Abao say a lot,I’ve been talking about things since childhood,Finally, when he talked about peaches, he burped and said:“Actually, I didn’t hate peaches so much,Knowing her virtue in school, I look down on her more and more。But she looks good and doesn’t need money,Does it take advantage […]


CUBA-Huaqiao University scores 28 points and clogs Chongqing’s liberal arts in 3 quarters

CUBA-Huaqiao University scored 28 points in Chongqing’s liberal arts The 2015 National College Basketball League (CUBA) 16 Finals was held in Xi’an on the 27th.The Huaqiao University men’s basketball team defeated the Chongqing liberal arts team and advanced to the quarterfinals.  At the beginning of this game, the traditional strong team Huaqiao University firmly controlled the […]

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