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8.7.04 billion yuan! 79 major projects in Beijing facing private capital

On December 13, Beijing publicly introduced 79 major projects for private capital. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission The information map Xinhua News Agency is a steady growth, promoting reform, adjustment structure, and Huimin students’ important starting, private investment promotion, long-range mechanism, through guiding social capital, stimulating […]


De conclusie van de mensen: laat de "atleten gecentreerd" beloven

"Ik wil 100 punten spelen!" Deens Dames Ice Can Team Madelina Dupont zei. De Olympische Winterspelen kwamen de tweede helft in, ongeacht het persoonlijke sociale media-account uit de atleten, of via het verslag van de media, er zijn een groot aantal vitrines binnen en buiten de Olympische Winterspelen, zoals Xu Xu, die zal openen, Peking […]


Chengde City launched the nineteenth "Happiness Hebei · Charm Chengde Happy Buy"

  Hui purchase. Organize the city’s large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, complements and special commercial neighborhoods, etc. With low-cost discounts, gift coupons, new experience, points draw, etc. to send benefits to consumers, stimulate consumers to shop enthusiasm, send colorful shopping experience for consumers. Guide business enterprises to carry out the commodity of food, clothing, home appliances, home, […]


The Family Education Promotion Law promulgated to parents and children

On October 23, 202, the thirty-first meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress Standing Committee adopted (hereinafter referred to as "Promoting Law)), the" Promotion Law "will be implemented on January 1, 2022. The current program invited the Director of the Shandong Institute of Education Research Institute, the Director of the Continuing Education Institute, Wang Zhifang, […]


The national unity and a family, "I have made me more good sister."

  After the establishment of contact, the two often call and meet, and the sister friendship is getting deeper. One to the weekend, I will buy ingredients and go to the other family to cook, two sisters who have different three-year-old, there are troublesome.   In November 2018, Song Ying’s father’s illness period, Jiang Juhong often went […]


Realistic Theme Net Wen Jinghua also has to take several catems

Original title: Realistic Theme Net Wen Jinghua also has to move a few caucas "Realistic Themes Network Writing in Net Citizen Readers is also very limited, some are even in ‘mainstream screaming’ and ‘readers are not called seats ‘The’ landing 尴尬 ‘. why? "The issue of Ouyang Youliang, a professor of the Central South University, […]


“You just talk nonsense,If you don’t let us come, we won’t come!We have no place to live”Old Han’s wife said,Changed your shoes and went into the kitchen。

Xia Jian was helpless for a while,This Han Xue can really mess up,He is fine alone now,Why should she let her parents come here?? Xia Jian is puzzled,He was busy pouring water for the two old men,Then smiled and said:“How come the uncle and aunt are free today??” “Hi!Our current leader has spoken,We just listen […]

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