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“You just talk nonsense,If you don’t let us come, we won’t come!We have no place to live”Old Han’s wife said,Changed your shoes and went into the kitchen。

Xia Jian was helpless for a while,This Han Xue can really mess up,He is fine alone now,Why should she let her parents come here?? Xia Jian is puzzled,He was busy pouring water for the two old men,Then smiled and said:“How come the uncle and aunt are free today??” “Hi!Our current leader has spoken,We just listen […]


A spear made of intertwined wood in the hand,Collided with Fuming’s attack,Green and blue light curtains flashed,Looks gorgeous。

boom! The two were blasted back a few steps by energy,Fuming looking at He Xingyuan’s eyes getting hotter and hotter,The fighting spirit in his eyes is getting stronger and stronger,He Xingyuan’s mouth twitches slightly“Is this guy a human or a monster,Good physical fitness!” He Xingyuan’s right hand trembled slightly,There was a trace of jealousy in […]


After suppressing the mad Bai Yuan Taoist,On the ruins of Saito’s holy city,Li Ming and other six Yuanshen Taoists began to lay out the Liangyi isolation formation。

Even if the Yuanshen Taoists join forces,It took three full days,Lay out the formation。 What makes them feel relieved is,Saito’s reaction was not quick,Did not launch an attack in these three days,Maybe it’s because it’s not clear what the Lei Yuan small world powerhouses are.。 Three days later,Li Ming and others in the entire Lei […]


Xia Jian Patience,Keep snoring,She is afraid that if Li Na is like him,Pretending to be asleep,His move,Don’t you wait to get her gun。

Xia Jian snoring,I guess the time in my mind,He has to wait,Li Na dared to act only when she fell asleep completely。 Suddenly Li Na’s purring stopped,Then there was a slight noise,Xia Jian feels,This woman touched him,It seems she also pretended just now,He couldn’t help taking a breath。 Xia Jian’s snoring sounded like a pattern,He […]


On the way back,Fang Fang asked Xia Jian carefully:“President Xia!Do you really want this engineering company to withdraw??I think their work is pretty good“

“I’m taking Zheng Dalong’s army,This old guy is too shameless,As the vice president of the group,Dare to engage in these famous halls,Don’t clean him up,I really can’t manage this company“Xia Jian said angrily。 Fang Fang is driving,Smiled slightly:“Today you can let him sweep his face,Which Zhao Donglin,See how Zheng Dalong has been cleaned up by […]


Bai Zhenshan ran in after hearing the sound,He saw what Bai Ruyu looked like,Hurriedly retreated to the door,Then asked Xia Jiandao anxiously:“What’s wrong with her?Will it be life threatening?“

Xia Jian ignored Bai Zhenshan’s question,But pick up the facial tissue on the head of the bed,Gently wiped off the bloodshot eyes of Bai Ruyu’s mouth,Then asked softly:“how do you feel?“ “So comfortable,Breathing is much smoother,It’s like losing a heavy burden“Bai Ruyu said,Gratefully glanced at Xia Jian。 Xia Jian let out a long breath。Bai Ruyu […]


“Jasmine is naturally there,but……I only have2Computer,You bring3Notebook?”Guo Yinzhe said the problem。

“I bring1station……”Shunzi replied。 “Mine can be loaned to Zhang Song……”Feng Xichuan said。 “Thank you,President!You still have a laptop?” Feng Xichuan does have a book he has collected for many years,It’s just that he usually only uses a manic desktop to show his compelling character as a computer god。 “Then,Lu Yi male ticket……I can lend it […]


This result is still diametrically opposed to the teenager’s expectations,And repeat,Like the reincarnation in the world,But this kind of cycle has obvious spiral changes,Wait until the third swallow is complete,Four characters left,What surprised the boy was,The characters this time are not heaven and earth,But the five elements,Only lack of fire。

In the doubts and feelings of the teenager,The picture on the wall started the fourth collision and swallowing,He has an enlightenment,Unexpected,It turned out that there were five characters left,That fire character is finally among them,And unsurprisingly swallowed the other four elements。 But the boy never thought that there would be a fifth swallow,The remaining five […]


And the moment Ye Xuan threw out the check,In Ye Xuan’s mind,A voice followed。

“Successfully spent 5 million,Health increased310。” what,Is this okay?? Think of these,Ye Xuan seemed to have discovered the New World suddenly。 in fact,If this looks ok,Then next,Ye Xuan’s heart,Probably already know,What to do now。 But the more so,Actually Ye Xuan is seeing these,The corners of his mouth rise slightly,Bring up an intriguing smile。 And put it […]

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