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“Zhang Lao,You wait……”

Old man Zhang is proud,“This kid,Still tender。The old man knew you would stop me。” All of a sudden,Walk back fast,I took out a checkbook from my pocket,Quickly signed 6 million promissory notes。 Chen Xiu looked at the amount he wrote down,Talk and stop。 Ok,The old man hard fortress gave himself five million,It would be inappropriate […]


“What exercise does he practice,How could he have such a tyrannical combat power?”

“This kid,Weird!” Liu Yuanming’s heart moved,Palm up again,Planning to make another move,Seeing Chen Xiu flying upside down in the sky, spraying blood like a shower。 “This kid got hurt after all。I just said,A person with eight-level cultivation,How could it be possible to take my three-pointer and return my vitality to a full blow!” “It seems […]


His decision to join the Navy was also very wise。

If he wants to get more large life essence, he needs to hunt down pirates continuously,Then redeem the merits in exchange for。 “Green Bull,Let’s go back!Wait a few days in the chamber of commerce,See if there is any news!” He sent out nearly four hundred chamber of commerce personnel to inquire about news,The effect of […]


Jack with very sharp ears,Hehe smiled and said:“I heard about the two bosses of the venture group,young and promising,I wanted to see my respect today,It seems that this idea will fall through today”

“Ha ha!All hearsay,What kind of home can a child be,He can’t do such a thing”Feng Tianfu, CEO of Tianguang Group,Suddenly said something like this。 Everyone couldn’t help but look up at him,This person is a big player in Bucheon,This time he went out in person,It seems to be very optimistic about the golden land,There is […]


The man who gave Xia Jian a seat just now,Stood up at this moment,Pour him and Xia Jian each a glass of wine,Then smiled and said:“Chen Shiping,Did a little business in Pingdu,I hope Mr. Xia will take care of me in the future”

“You’re welcome,I just arrived in Pingdu,I need Boss Chen to take care of”Xia Jian said something polite,But drank the wine in my glass。 Manager Lu sitting next to Xia Jian,Hurriedly picked up a chopsticks dish,A bit nauseous:“Ouch!You eat first,Drinking like this is not acceptable,Will hurt my stomach” Woman talking,Fed the dishes,In full view,How dare he […]


And they are all very beautiful kind。

The only thing she was somewhat puzzled by the wind Lee actually took two other woman’s hand,I have to know that these two women are big than Li.。 Before she is still thinking about the boss of Liu Xu, what kind of man is cheaper?,I didn’t expect it to be my son.。 As Zhao Xiaoling […]


The cloth bag is opened,The bread inside turned out to be a very old book,The paper of the book has turned yellow,Wang Huimin picked up this book,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:“This is the silver needle left by my husband’s ancestors**,There are needles for various diseases,This book is for you”

This benefit came too suddenly,Xia Jianyi listen,Said hurriedly:“No, Hyemin,Something like you,How can you give it to me easily,And this is your family heirloom” Wang Huimin smiled and said:“The heirloom is really right,But my husband said this,To be given to the destined,Hongyu doesn’t have this talent,And I am less educated,Low savvy,There are so many things in […]


Xia Jian just remembered,I was so excited just now,The silicone mask on the face is not torn off,No wonder your family said they didn’t know him。Thought of here,Xia Jianmeng turned around,Carrying the girl tore off the mask on her face。

No, when he turns around again,The old kid couldn’t help but widen his eyes,She said excitedly:“You are really Xia Jian!when did you come?”Girl talking,The book in my hand fell to the floor with a snap。 Xia Jian couldn’t hold back his excitement,He pounced,Hugged the girl,Put her in my arms。May be the reason why I haven’t […]


Introduction by listening to the conversation of the person next to you,Lu Menglin also probably understood the identity and background of this first soldier。

He is the grandson of the trustee of Hong Kong Island Women’s University,Last name,The name is quite poetic,Mr. Niu’s family background must be pretty good,Niu’s family is also one of the new giants on Hong Kong Island,And he has an uncle who is the deputy director of the Hong Kong Island Department of Culture,Very good […]

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