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China Vocational and Technical Education Society Intelligent Mong Media Professional Committee was established in Beijing

The organizer of the event is mapped. The meeting reviewed the "China Vocational and Technical Education Society Intelligent Media Professional Committee Preparation Work Report" "China Vocational and Technical Education Society Intelligent Media Professional Committee Work Ordinance (Draft)" China Vocational and Technical Education Society Intelligent Media Professional Committee Election Measures " . The Dean of the […]


Anhui Shang’an: Create a red blood of the small town

The mission is simulated and reproduced in the scene of the semi Town. If the People’s Daily Network Zhou Kun, if the red site is a point in the "Red Town", then, the characteristic agriculture is the "golden business card" of the "Red Town". In recent years, the semi-Tower Town has actively implemented beautiful rural […]


Complete the epidemic disposal task! The joint defense control mechanism Jiangsu Working Group personnel all evacuated Jiangsu

People’s Network Beijing August 26 (Reporter Zhang Wenting) According to the official website of the National Health Committee, on July 20th, Nanjing Lukou International Airport has entered an intermittent and overseas imported epidemic, according to the State Council’s joint defense mechanism, the State Council jointly defense mechanism At July 23, the integrated group sent a […]


Successful solid rocket engine test

This newspaper Xi’an October 19th (Reporter Gong Shijian) At 11:30 on 19 The engine is developed by the fourth research institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, 150 tons of diameter, and 500 tons. It adopts high-voltage strong design, high-performance fiber composite housing, high-loading integral burning forming combustion chamber , Super-size nozzle and other […]


Shaanxi from the village, community cadres and collegesmen and community cadres

  The reporter learned from the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee on November 11 that in order to further implement the implementation of the province’s implementation of the revitalization strategy of the country, according to the relevant provisions of civil service and civil servants, the provincial party organization department will organize the implementation of […]


“Zhang Lao,You wait……”

Old man Zhang is proud,“This kid,Still tender。The old man knew you would stop me。” All of a sudden,Walk back fast,I took out a checkbook from my pocket,Quickly signed 6 million promissory notes。 Chen Xiu looked at the amount he wrote down,Talk and stop。 Ok,The old man hard fortress gave himself five million,It would be inappropriate […]

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