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And the masters of the universe value him even more,After all, in the eyes of the masters of the universe,Once Li Ming breaks through to be the Lord,The strength is at least comparable to the Star Inferno Demon Lord and Mother Grandfather Star Lord,Become a top universe overlord—Maybe even stronger,Directly comparable to the cold whale、Tuoshan quake these heaven-defying existences。

Of course before that,Li Ming has to plan the fourth clone。 ———— Chapter Thirty Two Clone Chapter One Clone The origin of these four avatars,Li Ming’s current realm can be guessed,It should be Panlong Universe back then,Create a small universe with blood energy,When breaking through to the realm of Hongmeng,The power brand of own deity […]


This is the first enemy I face,Never take it lightly!

“Zhu Minglang。”A soft voice sounded,Interrupted Zhu Minglang’s thoughts。 “Teacher Duan Lan。”I wish Minglang maintain the respect he should have to the teacher,Knock your left hand on the back of your right hand,Bow slightly。 “I will pray for rain tomorrow near noon,But rain can only temporarily moisturize,Whether it’s subsequent irrigation or feeding for livestock,Need a lot […]


Xia Jian added two more sentences,Let everyone break the meeting。Xi Zhen stood still,When everyone is finished,Xi Zhen said softly:“President Xia,Real estate has new regulations,Pre-sale houses must be capped,Our first floor has not yet started to build,Is the pre-sale too risky?“

“Nothing,Some risks have to be taken。I also know this new rule,At least we have real estate for customers to see when we pre-sale.。To put it bluntly, the new regulations are for developers who have nothing.“ Xi Zhen listened,Only then retired。For Xi Zhen’s series of performances,Xia Jian is still very satisfied。It seems that the person introduced […]


This is too much trouble!Running around after sleeping,But what can I do to be lazy??

After twenty minutes,Xia Jiangang came out of the gate,I saw the lights flash,A taxi came,Stopped at Xia Jian’s feet。Followed by,The glass of the car window is down,Stretch out the head of a female driver,She asked softly:“Is it Mr. Xia??” “it’s me”Xia Jian said,Opened the door,Sitting in the position of the co-pilot。 The taxi driver is […]


Chen Xiu,I can only help you here。

You said you are also a big man anyway,How come out of school and come to society,How can I eat out?11Where’s the road car,Let us lose face。 Do you say。” “Correct,Correct!Still less atmospheric。” Those horses echoed repeatedly,A guy named Qu Yu even took Shen Zhao’s 100 yuan and shook it in front of Chen Xiu.。 […]


“Xia Hao!Since there are so many leaders,Why don’t I go out and sue Song Sanping?“Jia Lina gritted her teeth and said。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Not in a hurry,Let’s talk about it later“ Xia Jian’s voice has not fallen,I saw these people under the leadership of Song Sanping,Went straight into the meeting room of the town government,This makes Director Gao feel a little bit unable to sit still,He stood up immediately,Said worriedly:“Something really happened“ “Director Gao […]


“People you hit too,One word of advice,Enough。”Li Tianchou clasped the opponent’s wrist and did not move。

“you……My grass,The kid has strength。You are deaf?Didn’t you hear my friend say that this guy is also an accomplice??”The black hurdle felt the powerful force from the opponent’s fingertips,Burning pain in the wrist。He was horrified and quickly pulled his hand back,Unexpectedly failed,For a while, his face turned into pig liver color。 “What did your friend […]


“Don’t worry,I called Captain Wu directly,He has brought people over。I’m just outside the village,Lu Hao has told me about the situation you encountered”Yao Junli said calmly on the phone。

Xia Jianyi listen,Sneered:“thank you for your kindness,We can solve this by ourselves”Finished,He didn’t wait for Yao Junli to speak,Hung up。 Wang Lin who drove the car laughed:“This is awesome,No one appreciates others helping you。It seems that the relationship is extraordinary!”Wang Lin said,Actually laughed。 Xia Jiangang is going to speak,I saw a large log lying horizontally […]

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