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When he walked into the altar,Soon a force of heart led him into various environments。

Mind enters the world reincarnation everywhere,He hasn’t seen it before。 strictly speaking,Incarnate into mundane walking,It’s very similar。 In the universe,He passed the test of the Six Holy Peaks and had similar illusions。 Don’t talk about these false,Even the real reincarnation, he never played less。Reckless universe,He turned around countless times,Just now from Zhulong Ming Taoist to […]


“Elek,You have to know,Your brother Maui is the contemporary grand prince of Mermaid Castle,Lord of the Thousand Islands Province!Thousand Islands Province is the most delicious place in the sea,How much do you say he will prepare?”

Elek’s eyes lit up,She has half the blood of Leiyun Pengsiao。Lei Yun Peng Diao,This is the kind of monsters that live by the sea,Love to eat all kinds of sea food。 Cecilia sitting next to Wright smiled,Touch Elek’s head gently with your hand。 “Tweeted~Tweeted~~~!)v(!” Elek flies faster。 quickly,A strange landscape appeared before Wright’s eyes。 Countless […]


“I found this grandmother has been fainting.,Don’t dare to vomit。”Zhou Ye looks at the stomach contents of a woman,Emoticity is a bit comfortable。

“Spit out。”Chen Riyuan picks up the jar of acazolam tablets,Helpless。 “I rely on,Suicide。”Xu cool quality is also straightforward。 At this time, I heard the old man who was controlled by the captain.“suicide”Two words,The reaction is more intense:“Not committed suicide,Is the aircraft problem of this flight!” Xu cool quality is also awkward,Do not leave:“Porcelain?” “……” This […]


“where!Zhang Yong has a comrade here,Just drove a van,Zhang Yong asked him to borrow it”Bai Li lowered her voice and said。

Xia Jianyi listen,He is busy:“Oh!”Said:“remember,Multiply the price of the car rental in the market by two and pay others。This matter is official,Can not harm private interests” “Good manager Xia!I will arrange this”Bai Li smiled sweetly at Xia Jian。She seems to appreciate Xia Jian’s ability to handle things。 finish breakfast,Xia Jian walked out of the restaurant […]


I said it was only after seven o’clock at dinner,Wang Youcai, who was really bored, turned on the TV,He watched the news network for a while。And tuned a TV drama channel,Watching a bit of a bloody TV show for a while。

Until nine o’clock,Tian Wa sent a hand-made salary list。Wang Youcai looks overturned,After thinking that there is nothing wrong, he said to Tianwa:“Go back to bed early,I’ll take you to Baishui Town tomorrow morning” “no need,More than a dozen people can’t sit down,Besides, the road is frozen,Driving is a bit unsafe,We dawn,Just pick up a few […]


Li Tianchou lit a cigarette,Looking at Zhou Nan solemnly,Wait for the following。The other party has no voice,“I said you won’t go around,But it can’t be broken,What do you want to say?”

“I want to know the whereabouts of Chen Bin。”Zhou Nanmeng smokes two cigarettes,Lower the voice,As if finally made up。 Li Tianchou is a little confused,“Who is Chen Bin?Bald brother bin??” “nonsense,Tell me what garlic?Of course Bald Bin is Chen Bin。”Zhou Nan said and looked around,Very cautious。 “Aren’t your police arresting?Where can I look for this […]


Wang Youdao glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Don’t mention this person in front of me in the future”

“No mention can,But i don’t understand。Why did she ask Xia Jian to be her consultant,And also served as a vice president of the group”When Wang Youcai said this,,Unconvinced。 Wang Youdao heard what Wang Youcai said,Couldn’t help but ask in a daze:“Who told you this?Didn’t Xia Jian disappear??” “Who said it,But Hu Huiru sent us a […]


at this time,Dark night,Passersby are very rare,Passersby,See this scene here,Everyone can take a detour。

When Xia Jiandang appeared behind Wona had already run away,He no longer cares,So the fists hit like electricity,I won’t keep it anymore,One move is faster than one move。 Although this brother Biao has good skills,But under Xia Jian’s offensive,Xia Jian hit Xia Jian in a cold abdomen,The whole portrait of a kite with a broken […]

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