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to be honest,The people who are afraid of Jinzhou escape to Jingzhou。

“Report,Li Yuchang,Xiangyang’s emergency military situation!” Li Mu, who is reading a book in the study,I heard the shouts of the leaders outside the door.,Sudden heart。 “Believe?” “Can’t write,It is a handyman who can send people to the general.?” Lead said anxiously。However, Li Mu is not a matter,He doesn’t care.,Place the book on the table,Looking at […]


Fuming frowned and asked:“What do you mean?”

“Whether it’s evil beasts or you humans,FromDLevel breakthrough toCLevel is,This is a gap,Countless people died on this breakthrough road” Fuming’s eyes shrank suddenly。 “Want to break throughCLevel is not just a support that requires a lot of energy,More importantly, we must portray attributes on our own genetic lock,A little carelessness will destroy your own genes,Not […]



488 ideal、quantum、Late apology Guo Xiaoyi didn’t choose either place,The last family was taken to Nanluoguxiang。 For little girls, this existing lively business atmosphere,The old alley with ancient charm is obviously more attractive。 Of course for Guo Jianfeng and Han Qian,It doesn’t matter where you go,Naturally it’s the child’s mind。 It’s point,When the alley is light, […]


“But then,what should I do,I’m too hard。”

Wei Shasha feels,This in her hand,If you want to handle it well,No three or five days,Don’t even want to get it done。 But in that case,It’s too late。 “How are you there,Can’t get it?” Wei Shasha made a call,Said to the phone。 After all such a thing,If it can’t be solved from the current perspective,obviously,Such […]



857 Exorcism Chen Xiu can’t help but circle,Hundreds of apertures condensed around me at once。 “Promise cut!” All the apertures are cut to the white tiger ancestor who is still in the smoke,Before Wuji Slash arrived, he brought up a strong gas to blow away the smoke,I saw that the ancestor of the white tiger […]


After Xia Jian,Wang Youcai glared at him and said:“Frozen three feet,Not a day’s cold”Song Fang wants to divorce your brother,is also like this。I don’t think so,Let them go!”

“Xia Jian!There is a saying that I would rather demolish ten temples,Won’t you ruin a marriage??Are you watching them divorce?,Then let everyone talk behind their backs,Song Fang divorced because of you”Wang Youcai is also ruthless,He actually said something like this。 Xia Jian really can’t sit still,He stood up slightly and said:“Wang Youcai,Don’t be alarmist here。Song […]


Less than eight hours into the red mist jungle,The army has lost nearly half,Fortunately this is a disciplined,Elite troops with a high degree of self-discipline,otherwise,Broke down long ago。

but,Completely different from the army’s response,The mutant team told Lu Menglin and others,Will continue to escort them deep into the jungle。 obviously,This decision is in the mutant team,The meaning of those high-ranking powerhouses hiding in the dark。 After they saw Lu Menglin driving the snake stick,Unanimously decided to stay,Continue to complete the task。 Resolution for […]


The second child lived in a mansion on the east side when he got married,The eldest wife disappeared,The child is brought by the second wife,She has two more sons of her own,That side building is small and cold,Just changed rooms with the boss。

———— Chapter Twenty Three Why on earth The dilapidated thatched house where Yang Weiguo lived is said to be the first house where the Yang family lived,It was too dilapidated,Only one,Just rebuilt a new house in front。 Tao Zhenzhen heard about it at the time,It’s not because Yang Weiguo was not born with him that […]

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