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As for why I will write love books,Li Hui’s own is a bit。

Thud I saw that the other party is like a mermaid.,Then a slave did not see people。 See this scene,Li Hui rushed to the wind and also a slainer to go downstream.。 But I haven’t waited for him to lash.,I actually take a blister directly in front of it.。 what Xu Yingying saw Li Hui […]


“Miss Lan!It’s not that I didn’t help you,But Brother really doesn’t have this ability。Something like this,It’s better to keep them in check,Otherwise once you start,Even if you put them all over,How will you do business in the future??”Wang Youcai said,Turn around and leave。

Lan Ling looked anxious,She reached behind Wang Youcai in two steps,Grabbed Wang Youcai’s arm。She was panting,Deputy Chuchu said in a touching manner:“Forget it, Brother Wang,Since you can’t help me,forget about it。Our wine is still finished,right” Wang Youcai dare not look at this woman Lan Ling,Because he knew,Once he turns away,Just take a look at Lan […]


“Aunt told me this,What do you want me to do?”Zhu Minglang is more confused。

The identity of the Li Nan sisters,Zhu Minglang probably knows something,They are descendants of Shen Ji,It is estimated to be the oldest,At the same time, a family with extremely strong spiritual potential,Blessed,And inherited from generation to generation…… But Zhu Xuehen suddenly said that he and them are similar people,This makes Zhu Minglang confused。 Is it […]


Teenager staring,If you can see skyfire in your eyes,I can burn this ugly and arrogant fellow to ashes,But unfortunately in the opponent’s domain,The boy can’t do anything。

“Son of a bitch,You are cruel,Finally ask you,What are your new discoveries in the void?” “Why i tell you?” “I am fucking you!”The teenager spit out blood,But I have no choice but to face such a freak,Even Li Tan is obedient like a dog,He is really powerless。 Big eyeballs didn’t pay attention to him at […]


More than three o’clock,The car has arrived in Pingdu。Because Zhao Chunling attended the meeting on the second day,So she has to find a place to live。As for whether Xia Jian and Feng Xiaowei will return tonight,They made an appointment to call。

Qin Xiaomin, who was processing the file, saw that Xia Jian and Feng Xiaowei were here,She was a little surprised。Her office,Xia Jian is a frequent visitor,But Feng Xiaowei didn’t come too often,And come with Xia Jian。 “What’s going on here?”Qin Xiaomin asked,Stood up。She started looking for tea leaves to make tea for these two people。 […]


“My husband’s candidate。”Xiaoqing looked at Qin Feng and said。

“What,What!”Qin Feng felt like he was struck by lightning,This drama is too flipped,He can’t stand it。 “Your brain is not broken, right?” A long while,Qin Fengcai said。 “I am the daughter of the Lord of Dark Night Pavilion,According to door rules,Can’t find a man weaker than me。” “But I didn’t say I want to be […]


Shi Yuqing smiled:“Why not go out,She doesn’t like to go out in the cold of winter,Why don’t our mothers like to stop by?!”

The old lady didn’t come back at noon,Yang Weidong is not here either,The other brothers asked about them,The old man distracted,“Went to your aunt’s house,Hurry up to eat!” in the afternoon,The old lady came back beaming,Yang Weidong followed behind without any expression。 “Became。”She showed off to the old man as soon as she walked in,“That […]


“It’s that simple?”Bill·Ford doesn’t believe it。

“It’s that simple。”Chen Geng nodded affirmatively。 “If it’s just like this……” Bill·Ford laughed:“Then i wait。” ……………………………… A few days later,atAMCWhen the workers jumped up and down to take advantage of the election of the union chairman to choose a union chairman who can benefit them,A gossip began to circulate quietly among the workers:The group is […]


First106chapter Pit me?Then don’t blame me for cheating you

Until this moment when Chen Geng put all this before his eyes,Bernard found out that he had committed an extremely stupid、It’s a stupid mistake:I underestimated this kid,Extremely seriously underestimated。 What Fernandez thought of,I, an elite who has been doing marketing for many years, never thought,For example, if this lawsuit is opened,,What a huge negative impact […]


Anti-epidemic national teams prepare for overseas battles

Anti-epidemic national teams prepare for overseas battles Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the State Sports General Administration has quickly introduced countermeasures, gradually implementing closed management of all national teams, and prohibiting the transfer of all non-essential training venues; key projects and player training can be guaranteed by extending overseas training in […]

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