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Xia Sanhu, who was packing things up, took a look,Busy talking to Xia Jian:“You still support her,She drank a lot”

“I don’t need help,My drink is good!”Qin Xiaomin said,Fast pace。Although the body is a little shaky,But she walks very fast。Xia Jian has a look,Hurried to catch up。 The new breeding plant is built on the top of North Mountain,Higher terrain。Walking into the village is considered a downhill road,So Qin Xiaomin took advantage of the inertia […]


That cries, look for yourself to eat.,That has been following the fart behind him,Finally grew up,How long does it take?,She will wear a white wedding dress,Go to the wedding hall。

His heart is full of happiness,Also full,Very contradiction。 But he knows this is the way,I can’t always be sleepy.,She also wants to find a party belonging to her own.,Go to create the home belonging to yourself。 And this family is still a mother.,Welcome to the door forever。 Their story is still continuing,Continue to stage in […]


Xia Jianyi reaches out,He tried harder,The man in the car rolled out。what!Wang Youfa this bastard。Xia Jian really wanted to step on his feet,But I can see the blood on his head,Just have to do it,Reached out and helped him up。

When Wang Youfa saw that the person who saved him turned out to be Xia Jianshi,This guy was surprised,Then panted and said:“Take me to the hospital,Otherwise I will be bleed to death“ “how to get to?Your car is in the ground,And i drive a motorcycle,Can you sit?“Xia Jian put aside all the hatred,Patience said。 Wang […]


“You want to fight my father!”

In Yin Geng’s eyes there was an unprecedented evil spirit,Looking at the man in front of him, his eyes were extremely cold! The man seemed to know that Yin Geng would show such emotions,Waved his hand:“Don’t worry,Just listen to me!” Yin Geng leaned against the wall,Staring at the man,He wants to see what this guy […]


“You want to die?”

“You miss me so much?”Li Tianzhi asked。 “Tiangang old friend……” “What do you do with me?”Sun Tiangang ignored Dayan,Since I haven’t seen it for many years,Then Quan should not know。 “Since it has nothing to do with you,Ask me a mao?”Li Tianzhi retorted,Excited and put on a pair in Yuxing,Peng Weihua’s playful posture of mixed […]


As for why I will write love books,Li Hui’s own is a bit。

Thud I saw that the other party is like a mermaid.,Then a slave did not see people。 See this scene,Li Hui rushed to the wind and also a slainer to go downstream.。 But I haven’t waited for him to lash.,I actually take a blister directly in front of it.。 what Xu Yingying saw Li Hui […]


“Miss Lan!It’s not that I didn’t help you,But Brother really doesn’t have this ability。Something like this,It’s better to keep them in check,Otherwise once you start,Even if you put them all over,How will you do business in the future??”Wang Youcai said,Turn around and leave。

Lan Ling looked anxious,She reached behind Wang Youcai in two steps,Grabbed Wang Youcai’s arm。She was panting,Deputy Chuchu said in a touching manner:“Forget it, Brother Wang,Since you can’t help me,forget about it。Our wine is still finished,right” Wang Youcai dare not look at this woman Lan Ling,Because he knew,Once he turns away,Just take a look at Lan […]


“Aunt told me this,What do you want me to do?”Zhu Minglang is more confused。

The identity of the Li Nan sisters,Zhu Minglang probably knows something,They are descendants of Shen Ji,It is estimated to be the oldest,At the same time, a family with extremely strong spiritual potential,Blessed,And inherited from generation to generation…… But Zhu Xuehen suddenly said that he and them are similar people,This makes Zhu Minglang confused。 Is it […]


Teenager staring,If you can see skyfire in your eyes,I can burn this ugly and arrogant fellow to ashes,But unfortunately in the opponent’s domain,The boy can’t do anything。

“Son of a bitch,You are cruel,Finally ask you,What are your new discoveries in the void?” “Why i tell you?” “I am fucking you!”The teenager spit out blood,But I have no choice but to face such a freak,Even Li Tan is obedient like a dog,He is really powerless。 Big eyeballs didn’t pay attention to him at […]


More than three o’clock,The car has arrived in Pingdu。Because Zhao Chunling attended the meeting on the second day,So she has to find a place to live。As for whether Xia Jian and Feng Xiaowei will return tonight,They made an appointment to call。

Qin Xiaomin, who was processing the file, saw that Xia Jian and Feng Xiaowei were here,She was a little surprised。Her office,Xia Jian is a frequent visitor,But Feng Xiaowei didn’t come too often,And come with Xia Jian。 “What’s going on here?”Qin Xiaomin asked,Stood up。She started looking for tea leaves to make tea for these two people。 […]

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