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De feestvlag, in de Alashan-anti-optische lijn

  Gouden poplat, de herfst is erg sterk. De nieuwe Crown Pneumonia-epidemie?n plotseling begon Alashan de anti-Vlasty Battle. Het Alashan League-comité heeft een initiatief uitgebracht om op feestorganisaties op alle niveaus te bellen. De meerderheid van de particuliere leden zal het volume van de partijorganisatie vol fortricten en party pioneermodellering geven. Vanaf 24 oktober heeft de […]


China @ 四 川 | Visiting Chengdu "Falcon" Hardware Laboratory

  On November 12th, the staff was working on the "Falcon" veneer laboratory sample processing area. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Yu took recently, after tense construction, a group of five-cost "Falcon" Hardware Lab is officially put into use in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, helping local enhancement of nucleic acid detection. It is understood that the "Falcon" […]


Chinese en buitenlandse adolescenten gebruiken nummers om de Olympische Spelen van Beijing Winter te verwelkomen

Deze Chinese en buitenlandse menselijke communicatie-aangelegenheden komen uit China, Rusland, Itali?, Duitsland, Zuid-Korea, Ierland, Azerbeidzjan, Maleisi? en andere meer dan 20 landen en regio’s.Ze zijn in de traditionele kostuums van hun eigen nationaliteiten en tonen hun eigen traditionele culturele folkartikelen. Iedereen uit andere landen en regio’s, met de kleine boodschapper van mijn land, één hand, […]


The 105th National Sugar and Wine Commercial Fair opening

On the morning of the 19th, the 105th National Sugar and Wine Commercial Fair opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin).   On the morning of the 19th, the 105th National Sugar and Wine Commercial Fair opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). Li Hongzhong, secretary of the municipal party committee, deputy […]


Take the garbage classification this good thing

  In recent years, Hefei is steadily promoting garbage classification, but the reporter finds that there is a situation in which the garbage classification site of Hefei has built, affecting the garbage classification process. The community garbage classification point is the front-end gate of the garbage classification. How to manage the operation after the investment point […]


Russian Foreign Minister Warning: If necessary, it will adopt a non-equal counterfeiting for the hostilities of Western countries.

Russian Foreign Minister Ravrov (Data) Overseas November 13th, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said on the 12th that Western countries are adopting hostilities in Russia, and the Russian party will respond "peer-to-the way", but if there is If necessary, the Russian party will also take a non-equal counterformation. According to "Today, Russia", Lavrov held a press […]


Qinghai held the province’s network security coordination mechanism work conference

In order to effectively prevent and resolve network security risks, improve the construction of network security system, recently, Qinghai Nets Office organizes the province’s network security coordination mechanism work conference. The Qinghai Conference pointed out that the members of each member should be guided by the overall national security concept, and use a good network […]


Rui Reference Table Policy advised Taiwan Power: "What is the bad eye?"

On November 5 (Wen / Li Qi) Korean Media said on November 3, Samsung, SK Husi two Korean chip manufacturers will submit chip related information to the United States before the 8th. People re-turned their attention to TSME. On October 25, the world’s largest chip manufacturing company said that it will not provide confidential data […]

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