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Chapter Twenty treasure

A news spread quickly throughout the entire third domain outside the battlefield。 The emergence of a ruin in the time and space maze,More than five thousand kings participated in this battle,In the end, they killed each other and lost nearly four thousand people。 And all this,But fulfilled the reputation of a god。 Devil King! Devil […]


“Dongsheng Group is very cooperative,So it’s much easier to deal with”Xia Jian said,Secretly glanced at Gao Ju。

Gao Ju holding a tea cup,A smile,But even if she is smiling,But Xia Jian found,There is an indescribable majesty in this woman。 Gao Ju stood up suddenly,She took two steps back and forth and said:“This accident,Xia Jian made it in time,Otherwise, once the lives of downstream people are in danger,This is a big deal” “It […]


See Gao Wei,Mouth twitched twice,Very displeased:“Boss Li,Are you hitting me in the face?!I brought my brothers here for fun,Since your attitude,I’m not welcome“

“Yo ha!You Gao Wei has a long temper,From the north of the city to the south of the city,Did you hear that Chen Sanqiang ran away?,You can do whatever you want?“Li Na’s tone is not friendly at all,She said sharply。 Lu Monkey next to Gao Wei stood up immediately,Luscious eyes looked at Li Na from […]



Jingpu??? These gray-haired old men,A little confused,But seeing Ling An’an with an anxious look next to him,These elders immediately understood,Immediately,A gray-haired old man said quickly: “he’s gone,Undetectable spirituality,Outer disciples couldn’t pass the first pass,and so,I……” But the old man’s words haven’t finished,Ling Anan gritted his teeth immediately: “go?!!Go in that direction?!” The old man startled,He […]


Really no move,Wu Fang made a cruel remark,“Daunting,Brother Tianchou has to take care of you,Do you know what a sniper is??Inattentive,The head has to be beaten to flower?The opponent can have more than one sniper,The two of us here are just like rubbish,Can only be a target,Do you understand?Fuck,It doesn’t matter if you die,Let the Tianchou brothers in,Are you a pig brain?”

Unexpectedly, Qi Baozhu’s reaction was extremely intense,With a snap, he pressed the pistol to Wu Fang’s chest,“Scold me again,I jumped you。”After talking, I used the muzzle to push Ding Wufang’s pectoralis major,Then turned away。 My grass,What freak is this,Don’t listen to good things,Have to curse to leave?Wu Fang is really depressed,Also helpless。Turn your head and […]


First418chapter Tiger into the flock

…… Lizard flood,Has threatened many villages and towns。 This appointment is dangerous,Because it’s going to the lizard’s lair。 Wetland and swamp are basically integrated,The swamps restricted the movement of some ferocious beasts,And the long, capable of flying, hovering in the air,The lizard will dive into the water and mud immediately,There is no way to take […]



Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Three:Embrace the future,Home liquidation! Xiao Meng is lying on the table,Looking at Fuming with playful eyes,This case,I don’t believe this kid can hold on,Unless it is the reincarnation of the wood spirit! Five or six minutes,Yining in the arms of his life gradually stopped crying,Audible subtle voice,Still whispering。 Fuming sighed […]


Space fluctuation flashes。。。

A mechanical jungle-like universe,Forced to work day after day,A teenager who will not live to be thirty,Watching the words formed by the wind blowing soot,Nod to answer。 In the vast grassland,Lost all loved ones,The youth surrounded by enemies gritted their teeth,Agreed。 Endless ocean,The middle-aged swordsman with the hatred of the country and the family looked […]


“Ok,It’s also”

。。。 Fuming went back to the room and took a shower,Feel refreshed“Wait until the criminal law department’s matter is resolved,You can start to break through,Stuck on this day for too long,Time to advance” “Bang,Bang,Bang”Fuming once opened,Are three people in red and black clothes,Looking at Fuming with indifferent eyes“You are Ye Fuming?”The headed opening asked。 “Yes,You […]


Can’t blame Song Kangsong,It’s you you might think so。

Song Litao nodded,Be the default。 But his brows are still frowning,No solution to the company scandal,Now I don’t even know who the opponent is,What do you do! “dad,Why don’t you ask Uncle Sun??See what he can do。”Song Kangsong suggested。 Song Litao heard the words,Eyes suddenly light up。 Yes indeed,Why forgot this person,He patted his forehead,Then […]

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