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“Mr. Tian,This is not good.,Ajie is a show that our company has strongly cultivated,If it is taken away by the Tiantian Group,That is big.。”

“Hahaha” After chatting,High manager enters the topic,I have visited the luxury housing outside the outside.。 “High manager,Not,I recently changed to do real estate.,In the past, the wind and water layout is already unsuitable.。” Elegant on the second floor of the big house,Tian Weiqiang lights the cigar:“I listen to my friends.,You are professional,This time I can […]


Zhou Yewu’s outpatient clinic has no subsequent registration。

So only Xu Tianfu alone。 Therefore, Zhou Yewu is not panicked in the outpatient clinic to continue to observe Xu Tianfu.。 A few minutes of observation,Xu Tianfu’s chest tightness still continues,And it seems to have a greater trend。 Zhou Ye also saw the momentum is not,Retracence again to Xu Tianfu once again。 Result ECG promptST-TSegment […]


“Have you ever thought about it?,Since I left the pot city, it is secret to leave.,So why can people who will capture you??After all, Hedong is so big.,It is not easy to catch a person.。”

Gao Bo Yi took out a delicate small knife,Beginning,Parallel to the face。 “I have no idea,Where can I know?。” Tell this mouth,In fact, his heart is known.,Maximum possible,It is the father around him has rebellious.!As for why those people give the river Dongli ventilation,Instead, I’m looking for Gao Bo Yi. This is very intriguing.。 perhaps,The […]


The more the Great Asura God beats his heart, the more he feels bottomless,and‘Nirvana handkerchief’Also miserable,He also didn’t expect his opponent to be so aggressive,More importantly, it is seriously injured,Not only difficult to recover,And it’s getting worse,Countless big mouths are also dumb at this moment,The rare sense of crisis and fear makes these mouths wonder what to say。

Black unicorn‘Faceless’So-called death mask,Sure enough,even if‘Nirvana handkerchief’How to pile up various curses and evil negative emotions can not neutralize such harm,It is far from expecting that the black unicorn is also a master of spiritual power,If you continue to fight, you have to confess here,It immediately decided to save its life as the best policy,In […]


It’s this time,Wang Youcai can’t sleep either,I just feel my stomach screams。He is tired enough,This time out of the mountain, it was too much to hide,Thinking of the beautiful thing last night,He just steals,Although the money was spent a lot,But he was happy。

Wang Youcai pushed the sleeping Chen Xiaoju and said:“Getting up soon!Let’s go out for a meal,I’m almost starving”Wang Youcai said,I started putting on clothes。 Chen Xiaoju turned over and said:“I dont go,I want to sleep,You go alone!”This woman finished,After a while, he snored again。 Wang Youcai glanced at this woman,Can’t help but shook his head,He […]



Correct,There is also the Dragon。 I wish Minglang look sharply,Tianshalong has been sleeping,If Tianshalong also enters the reincarnation sting…… Did not grow silk。 It seems that only it did not enter the reincarnation sting。 Because it is unstable with its own spiritual covenant? Or because it just soared through the catastrophe? Okay,Dragon King is not […]


What Feng Xiaowei said,Xia Jian just calculated silently。It really is,Two meals a day,It’s almost ten yuan,Plus breakfast,Several hundred in a month。

“Ha ha!There is no other way!If i was a woman,I will definitely do it myself”Xia Jian said,Made a joke by the way。 Feng Xiaowei looked at Xia Jian and said:“How about we work together” Although Feng Xiaowei said it is very animalistic,But Xia Jian understood what she meant when she heard it。Cook and eat with […]


No one cared on the way,A stream of black smoke came out from behind Li Tianzhen’s head,Curly and Nana flew away from the window of a bumpy car,The unicorn beast quietly goes away,Save the black halo that is extremely fancy when you show up。

Arrived at the base,Several key figures have always stayed with Li Tianzhi,Accompany him down to the confidential warehouse fifty meters deep underground,Watching Li Tianzhi take out the stone box,Open the lid in front of everyone,After inspecting the jade boards one by one,Close the lid again。 First, Li Tianzhen will make the so-called magical seal,Then laser […]

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