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Correct,There is also the Dragon。 I wish Minglang look sharply,Tianshalong has been sleeping,If Tianshalong also enters the reincarnation sting…… Did not grow silk。 It seems that only it did not enter the reincarnation sting。 Because it is unstable with its own spiritual covenant? Or because it just soared through the catastrophe? Okay,Dragon King is not […]


What Feng Xiaowei said,Xia Jian just calculated silently。It really is,Two meals a day,It’s almost ten yuan,Plus breakfast,Several hundred in a month。

“Ha ha!There is no other way!If i was a woman,I will definitely do it myself”Xia Jian said,Made a joke by the way。 Feng Xiaowei looked at Xia Jian and said:“How about we work together” Although Feng Xiaowei said it is very animalistic,But Xia Jian understood what she meant when she heard it。Cook and eat with […]


No one cared on the way,A stream of black smoke came out from behind Li Tianzhen’s head,Curly and Nana flew away from the window of a bumpy car,The unicorn beast quietly goes away,Save the black halo that is extremely fancy when you show up。

Arrived at the base,Several key figures have always stayed with Li Tianzhi,Accompany him down to the confidential warehouse fifty meters deep underground,Watching Li Tianzhi take out the stone box,Open the lid in front of everyone,After inspecting the jade boards one by one,Close the lid again。 First, Li Tianzhen will make the so-called magical seal,Then laser […]


Xiao Xiaoxiao dealt with Zhu Shiyao’s question,But thinking of my stupid brother,Zheng Ziling’s battle may not be as fancy as Xiao Ke’s playboy,But people’s timing is unique every time!

Secretly cursed idiot Xiao Ke,The so-called mud can’t support the wall,Ah Dou, who can’t help, must be talking about his brother! ———— Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Seven Sister and brother There is no trace of Xiangyang on the playground,Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zhu Shiyao also understand this,After all, I just experienced something so shy,If you […]


It turns out that His Royal Highness Huanhai just used,Is one of the legendary magic skills of the mage《Destruction》,It is said that this technique can wipe out the opponent’s equipment attributes in battle,A magical skill at the fantasy level,Almost never used it in front of the world。

Did not expect this time,It turned out that Princess Huanhai opened everyone’s eyes。 ———— Chapter one thousand and sixty nine Do you want to give up Although the equipment attribute disappeared,It’s really regrettable,but,Anyone with a bit of mind,Can understand why Princess Fantasy Sea does this。 Because of that superb necklace,The restraint on the mage profession […]


So you don’t have to spend money!

They thought well,Su Rou。Now I was dragged to go on a blind date。 But Su Rou is really unwilling,If she accepts this kind of life,Why did she come to the city in the first place?Wouldn’t it be fine to stay in the village?? Wang Mengmeng spoke at this moment,“If you can’t refuse,Just tell them you […]


“The power of the demon lies in its ability to absorb the negative emotions of living beings,As long as the creatures are immortal,The demon will not lose power,and,The demon can also absorb the origin of the world。”

Nezha said in a leisurely tone,If Monkey King can really refine the demon,It can be expected that the strength of the fourth-tier Monkey King will change drastically.,At least Monkey King will no longer have to worry about the calculations of world consciousness。 “Immortality,Eternal demon?interesting。” Ying Zheng said calmly,If the demon appears in his world, Yingzheng […]

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