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Champions League Single: Ma Jingke Sheng Porto promotes 16 strong

The Champions League, the Madrid Athletics team beat the Boluki team, eventually led to the second line. Xinhua News Agency Lisbon December 7 (Chen Betjo) 2021-2022 Time Champions League on the 7th of the Boermu, a promotion battle, a guest of Portugal, Madrid Athletics, 3: 1, defeated the Bohe, and finally in the second line; […]


Chen National Elken Tuniya Meets to meet Xinjiang National Emergency Management System Advanced Model and Fire Fighting Loyal Guard

Original title: Chen National Elken Tuniya will meet with the national emergency management system advanced model and fire-fighting loyalty guard on December 4th, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Deputy Secretary of the Autonomous Region Party Committee and Autonomous Region President The leaders of the Autonomous Region and Corps, such […]


China @ 四川 | A two generations for their 28th year

  The proverb of "a thousand pound of a thousand pounds, and the yellow row is not as good" in the mouth of Yibin fishermen. After Zhou Shiwu, Zhou Shiwu, who has a strong interest, understands that "La Sizes" is Chinese sturgeon, "" is white, "yellow row" is rouge fish, plus called "Sarawi" "The Yangtze River, […]


China Airlines 7 projects were approved by the Ministry of Education and the new cultural research and reform practice projects in Tianjin

People’s Network Tianjin November 18th, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on the Announcement of the First Batch of New Wite Research and Reform Practice Project" (Teaching Hall Letter [2021] No. 31), Tianjin Municipal Education Commission issued "City" Notice of the Subcommittee on Announcement of the List of the First […]


Solve the problem of the masses to solve the problem

On October 9th, the Party Work Committee of Gui’an New District organized the personnel department to organize the South China University of Technology and launched a new round of recruitment. According to reports, since this year, Gui’an New District Party Work Committee organizes the focus of focus, key industries, organized multi-field talent exchange and college […]


China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo held a new achievement of Heilongjiang Province equipment manufacturing industry

Recently, 2021 China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo was held in Shenyang, and the Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology Department organized the same paramount to the Heilongjiang Province Enterprise and Foreign Equipment Manufacturing Units. It is reported that the Provincial Science and Technology Department organizes a number of well-known manufacturing enterprises and institutions in Heilongjiang Province […]


Putonghua nationwide penetration rate of 80.72%

  Beijing, June 2 (Reporter Sun Yahui) correspondent learned today from the Ministry of Education press conference, the survey data show that in 2020, Chinese Putonghua nationwide penetration rate of%, increased percentage points higher than in 2000, the successful completion of language business "thirteen five" goal of the development plan identified.   Application Management Division, Ministry of […]


The masses "run" high-speed, safe and comfortable

"Thank Hubei traffic police in the key moment reminder. On October 31st, I was driving back from Beijing to Hunan. It was very tired through Hubei. I received a prompt to the ‘Yun whistle’ voice awakening. I quickly hurried to the service area, so thank you! "On November 1st, Mr. Wang, who is the Hubei […]

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