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Liu Yibai was fooled by him,Wei opened the shot on this side but it hit,Chen Xiu puts his palm upright and draws a sword with infinity,But without the blessing of the soft sword,Greatly reduced,It was easily broken by Wei’s gun strength,Wei Kai was bullied into him in an instant。

———— 895 Scare away rivals “Chen Xiu,This time you are dead!” Wei Kai grinned,The short spear stabs at Chen Xiu。 Chen Xiu won’t hide or leave,Shot directly through the body,See through! Wei Kai couldn’t help but froze,It’s too easy,I always feel something is wrong。 “Hehe……” The stabbed Chen Xiu leaked blood from the corner of […]


Qi Rui, leave the warehouse directly home,He is wondering the warehouse on this way.,Because he found that there were three departments in the six warehouses of the pier.,Among them, ammunition is mainly,The rest of the two warehouses are replenishment and compression biscuits.,Seeing that the devil has recently have a big military action。

Rui Rui calculation day dark road:Is it that the devil has begun to prepare for the first Changsha War.。 Fu Ying Xue saw that he had a heart to ask:“Ritual,What happened??” “Snowman,Let the little male inform the martial arts team into the city!”Rui Rui intends to blow up the pier warehouse,Destroy the devil。 “Actions?” Rui […]


“So amazing,That is indeed a treasure!”I wish Minglang bright eyes。

Actually does not affect the digestion time of other enhanced spirits! So-called reinforcement,Is to use all kinds of geniuses,Let your dragon gain a spiritual power from heaven and earth,So as to quickly improve strength,And it can also make the dragon pet go through several growth stages quickly。 But all this enhanced spirit,Have a digestion deadline。 […]


Liu Fengxing wants to curse,But just like Li Ji and others just now,Some things can only be seen through。

Really understand everything,Tore my face,These lack of human protection really want the black ape to burn these people alive。 “Li Ji,Hurry up!If our Liu family is over,,You also missed the best time to kill the black ape!”At this time, Liu Fengxing continued to urge,There is no better language。 “madman,What are you talking about,We partnered to […]


Soda,Not interested in!

“Moon!”Xiaohong is very anxious。 Murongjiu also downs,After that, three books were compared。 This book is in a white flag,It is directly to suffer.,Careful comparison after turning over,Murongyin…… “These three scribes are closed in the same level.,White this book,And the other two is different。”Murong saw the comparison。 “kindness?what do you mean,This must be placed behind?”Chu Deirers […]


After three seconds,You He opened his mouth slightly,Let go of Jingpu’s hand……

……Own teeth……Seems broken。 (Request collection,Ask for a recommendation ticket~) ———— Chapter Thirty Six With sandwich,Quite sweet Jingpu withdrew his hand in a daze,Took a look,Okay……My hands are fine,This person didn’t even bite a mark,Wait for Jingpu to look back,Ok?? Why is this man’s tooth broken?,The two front teeth are gone…… Good guy,This is ugly,Now I […]


“You should know better than me,Whether it’s Xiao Song or Old Zhu、Zhang Wen and they are all stuck in the game,In a sense,Xiao Song is in a more dangerous situation,A slight delay may cause unforeseen consequences。This is not the time to turn over old accounts,Tell what you know。”

“Do you still have to collect debts after talking??Take your conscience debt?You treat me as a fool?” “You bastard!”Li Tianzhen finally couldn’t control his emotions,Picking up Peng Weihua,Raise your hand and give him a slap in the face,Shen Yingjie took a step and blocked Li Tianzhen,But scared the bugs back several steps。 “You not only […]


“Of course!”

Xiao Meng’s heart is a little moved,Seeing Fuming’s eyes are full of sincere eyes,Although this kid is a bit skinny,But observe for so long,Still keep the promise。 Xiaomeng got up slowly,Open road:“alright,Since you said so,I’ll help you this time,Speak,what should I do?” Fuming said with a smile at the corner of his mouth:“Since you can […]


“Absolutely not,Can’t be kind of donkey liver and lungs!”Qi Ling said nothing,‘Big earthworm’Yelling injustice as soon as I can breathe。

Little Golden Man has no idea,The more anxious the less you know what to do,Qi Ling is like a dead thing,Just stare‘Big earthworm’,Look at this attitude,Never get involved in fighting outside。 Hesitating,It’s a critical time outside,After Li Tianzhi got two feet in a row,Exercising enough strength and punching Zhang Zhiqiang staggered,In the process of retreating […]


Huang Shaotian speaks incoherently,Speak quickly,She is shy and angry,Only one thought now,I just want the fanatic to stop quickly!

Execution,Too torturous!It’s like a slash on the body,Even more uncomfortable,Thousand times! “What are you doing in my yard??”Lu Menglin asked unhurriedly。 He asked a series of meaningless questions first,Just to disrupt the rhythm of this beautiful swordsman,Let her keep answering,No time to think and lie。 This is also one of the interrogation techniques of the […]

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