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2021 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit is vandaag gesloten

Op 28 september werd de sluitpersconferentie van Wuzhen-top in de World Internet Conference in 2021 gehouden in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. Het National Netition Office, het Provinciaal Net Tribers-kantoor van Zhejiang van de verantwoordelijke kameraad woonde de conferentie bij en introduceerde deze Summit Situatie en uitkomst. De relevante verantwoordelijke kameraden van het National Netition Office zei dat […]


Al de standaard! Changning 10 Street Town staat al vijf opeenvolgende jaren op de lijst!

Xinhua Road Street besteedt aandacht aan het bouwen van ‘twee belangrijke relaties’: harmonieuze arbeidsverhoudingen en goede levering en vraagrelaties, die een goede omgeving bieden voor de oplossing van de werkgelegenheidscontrading. Jiangsu Road Street stond op de dienst, als een goed bedrijf "Moeder", "Smart Bad Team" biedt het weekend "niet vecht" ‘All-Day’ Office Consulting Services, zodat […]


Anhua Black Tea Shi Poetry "Tianxia Tea Department" test

On November 12th, 20:28, "The World Tea Dao" was first publicly tried in Hunan Anhua World Black Tea Grand Theater. The curtain is open, the sound horses are crisp, and the horse helpers take the next step by Anhua Deputy Step and stepped out of the tea Mao Gu Road. The story that happened thousands […]


China International Advertising Festival 丨 惠 卫浴 实 实 包 多

On December 11th, the 28th China International Advertising Festival Adfair Media Enterprise Exhibition was held at Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. During the period, a number of activities such as media company ceremony and 2021 advertising main gold partner and China International Advertising Advertising Person. Huida Bath Co., Ltd. and the big country brand […]


The rise in the central area

  From the weakness of the agricultural and modern industrial base, it is stunned, and the manufacturing spine is straight, never along the edge, not relying on the sea to move towards the landlocked open new highland … under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, accompanied by the Chinese nation Stand up, richer to […]


Strengthen supervision! Hebei Chinese medicine formula does not sell outside medical institutions

Recently, the Hebei Provincial Food and Drug Administration, Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, Provincial Health Jiterary Committee, Provincial Medical Board, jointly issued the "Hebei Provincial Chinese Medicine Formulation Particle Management Implementation Rules (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Rules"), strengthening the Chinese medicine in Hebei Province Formula granule supervision, standardize the production, filing, use and […]


Tea Kazi Lake Scenic Area Tourism Reception Numerous High

  On May 22, the Tea Kazi Lake Scenic Area has reached the peak for many days of tourism celebrations for many days. According to the general manager of Qinghai Tea Kaerhu Culture and Tourism Development Co., Ltd.   Recently, Tea Kazi Lake Scenic Area held a series of activities to give back to visitors, including May […]

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