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In the view of Ghost King,Liao Wenjie fine peel meat,I can’t eat this bitter,I should give up for a few days.。

Despise,Liao Wenjie is just a mouth,Five hundred pieces have harvested a cheats,I only feel that this is not empty.,I worshiped the ghost king.,Turning out grocery shop warehouse。 Ten seconds later,He suddenly folded back,The ghostwing of the jade woman is scared.,Hello to hide the auxiliary teaching materials behind。 “Hey,Why don’t you knock?,Do you know that I […]


People in the city want to go out.!

Let her go! Zhou Ye has begun to complain in my heart.,This damn access control,Not a mess?? Although He Non is long and beautiful,Body and comfort,But now I know that I know myself to resist.,Can he not talk about love?。 But he thinks this ban,Suddenly I felt that some didn’t。 Heno is still lying on […]


The temple door is open,It’s just dark and can’t see anything。Xia Jian suddenly remembered the phone in his pocket,He quickly took it out and opened it。

“OMG!There is no signal in this ghost place”Xia Jian holding his mobile phone,Can’t help but say。 Lu Wanting sighed and said:“President Xia!I’m really sorry,I didn’t expect that I was tired of you again”When Lu Wanting said this,,The voice is a little choked。She seems to be really emotional。 Xia Jian took a phone and said:“okay,No need […]


I stopped talking when I saw him,Wang Youcai, who was squatting by the door, saw the opportunity,Stood up immediately,Stammered:“dad,mom,Look big…Brother wants money now,Rich and rich,Want a woman,Horse horse,Can get married soon,I want to marry,Marry Zhao Hong“

“Bastard,How many times have I talked about this?,Fail,Zhao Hong is a widow,And bigger than you,Our old Wang family can’t afford to lose this person,You dare to mention this in the future,I break your leg“Wang Degui is ashamed and angry,The dry tobacco rod in his hand flew out toward Wang Youcai。 When Wang Youcai saw his […]


This needs to puncture the artery,Direct measuring arterial blood pressure。After punctured to the artery,Insert a puncture needle in the arterial,Pressing the tail of the tail、Catheter, etc.,Directly connected to the head of the ECG monitor,Adjustment mode,You can directly measure the blood pressure of the patient.,Every heartbeat will have a blood pressure。This is called continuous artery blood pressure monitoring。

Have a patient’s blood pressure,USICUDoctors have a number in their hearts.。Otherwise, I haven’t seen blood pressure for a few minutes.,Will make people feel uncomfortable。data,data,Very important。 Directed to the artery and place the left needle,It is necessary to take blood in the future、What is the arterial blood?,There is no need for frequent needles.,Directly from here。It’s okay.。To […]


Xia Jian did not speak,So he was very happy。Everyone chatted a few more words,Xia Jian urged his parents to go back。Li Lan holds Sun Yuejuan’s hand,Look a little bit reluctant。

Because I have to drive back,So Li Lan didn’t keep too much,After all, driving during the day is much safer than driving at night。 Qin Xiaomin and her mother kept sending Xia Jian’s family downstairs,Until the car drove out of their community。Qin Xiaomin went upstairs with her mother。 When the car passes through the urban […]


“Lord, don’t worry,these people,Not our opponent at all。”

“Actually want me to say,Tell them so much,Anyway, we can solve it。” “But now,There is nothing else to entangle with for the time being,Let’s all get ready to start quickly!” When these words are said,obviously,Deep in the hearts of those around you,The more I think about it, the more I feel,This looks very nice。 But […]


All the rest of the Yun family are gathered in the large courtyard,Murongba stood on a high place and looked down at everyone indifferently,Speak:“Your Yun Family’s Yun Xing Yao,Yun Tianpeng,Yun Kongming is dead!”

As soon as this remark comes out,Everyone from the Yun Family below struggling violently,Roar“impossible,How could the patriarch die?,impossible!” “Keep me quiet!”Murong Ba’s running energy roared,Suppressed the rioting crowd。 “Believe it or not,We are here to give you a chance,Those who are willing to live will abolish the gene lock,Be an ordinary person!” “It doesn’t matter […]


Acquire active career skills“Life conduction”:After casting this skill,Transfer part of the witch doctor’s own health to another living creature,Cooling time60second。

☆Shaman:Acquire active career skills1:“Life sharing”,Shaman can connect oneself with another**Target life,The two will share subsequent lives。The witchcraft effect unless cancelled voluntarily,Otherwise, until the blood volume of one of them drops to1HP,Or until dispelled。Will enter after failure120Second cooldown。 Acquire active career skills2:“Soul swap”,You can swap the souls of teammates in the two fields of vision。The witchcraft […]


“Pick up the gun……Rush together!”Feng Xichuan shouted。

“it is good!”Zhang Song’s hands are operating on the mouse and keyboard,I don’t care about my wet eyes,There is a drop of tears running down the corner of my eyes。 “All right,Audience friends,With the end of the pause,The two teams are back in the game。It is well known that the ace star of the Oscar […]

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