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Adhere to the self-revolutionary jump out of the historical cycle rate

  No matter what problem, no matter who is a problem, it will take the opportunity for corruption, especially the problem of corruption, and constantly remove all the factors that harm the party’s advanced nature and pureness, and continuously remove all the viruses of the Party’s healthy body dare to face the problem. Be brave in […]


31 companies in Inner Mongolia and the 20 enterprises in the United Arab Emirates

On November 3, 2020 Dubai World Expo China Pavilion "Inner Mongolia Activity Week" economic and trade promotion negotiation online It is expected to reach a preliminary cooperation intention. At the meeting, the Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission, Erdos City and Hulunbeier have made the situation and city reception, and the UAE Hamu Wancha Chamber […]


Bevordering van de prijs van steenkoolprijsregressie (economische focus)

  Core-lezing Onlangs werden de regalingscommissies van de Nationale Development Medeeld om het mechanisme van de prijsvorming van de kolenmarkt verder te verbeteren. Deze verbetering is bedoeld om zich te houden aan de marktvorming van de markt, het prijs en een redelijk bereik duiden, de intervalverordening versterken en de kolenprijzen begeleiden om in redelijke tussenpozen te […]


De nationale eerste effecten valse verklaring verantwoordelijkheid geschillen collectieve rechtszaak in het oor

Yangcheng Evening Nieuws Full Media Reporter Dong Liu op 12 november Voormalige voorzitter, General Manager MA Xingtian en 5 Direct verantwoordelijk personeel, Zhengzhong Zhujiang gecertificeerde publieke accountants en direct verantwoord personeel geassocieerd alle gezamenlijke compensatie, en 13 gerelateerd verantwoord personeel onderneemt een deel van de verantwoordelijkheidsverantwoordelijkheid . Op 13 mei 2020 heeft de CHINESE-effectenregulerende Commissie […]


Strengthening small workshop management Heilongjiang Provincial Health Committee announced four food safety local standards

A few days ago, Heilongjiang Provincial Health Committee announced the "food safety local standards and wet base products small workshop production health standard" "food safety local standard small oil format production health standard" "food safety local standard bean products small workshop production health standard" "food Safety Local Standard Pastry Coordination Square Production Health Regulations "4 […]


The first "China City International Communication Forum" opened in Beijing

On December 10th, the first China City International Communication Forum opened in Beijing on the morning of the 10th. The theme of this forum is to promote international communication and enhance the image of the city. The Forum aims to serve China’s international communication work, relying on high-quality media resources, 智 库 resources and brand […]


The whole society must vigorously promote the spirit of poverty

  The great cause has given great spirit, the great spirit leads the great cause. "Deversion of the great struggle, the forging forms ‘up and down, perceived, accurate pragmatic, pioneering and innovating, attacking hard, not negative people’, the spirit of the poverty". "General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized:" The whole society must vigorously promote the spirit of […]


The person in charge of the company’s two "scattered" enterprises in Taiyuan

  Original title: The person in charge of the two enterprises repeatedly reported on December 29th, learned from the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, the Lapling Branch of the Municipal Ecological Environment, and the person in charge of the two "scattered" enterprises in the district has been dealive.   Recently, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau of the Municipal […]

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