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This is a typical misunderstanding,Many patients clearly ask for fasting but their families are careful,Want to make your body,Instead, it will sneak the patient to feed the patient.,In fact, this is wrong.。

Patients who ask fast food eat things,Will aggravate the burden of patients,Let them be more difficult to recover。If you are doing surgery, you may return yourself during surgery.,Patients who have completed surgical recovery can not eat anything。 “Your wife is now pancreatitis,Pancreatic tube digestion,If you eat again,Her pancreatic excessive work secretion too many liquids,This condition […]


But hesitated,She still decided to listen to Li with the wind.。

Ye Shuangzhou heard Li Hui Fengpuo,There are some 昧 来 来。 “I thought you were Liu Xianhui.,It is also a good color.,Ha ha”“Forehead,Leaf big brother,I have never said that I am not colorful.,Just I am a responsible, good color.,Under normal circumstances, I don’t want to go to the family.。” “Oh? So that Zhao Xiaoling is […]


683 Who else

Straight punch、Uppercut、Back swing、Side kick、Flying kick…… Chen Xiu hits every punch、Every kick is accompanied by a wailing,Twenty people were already lying underground in a while。 “Who else!” Chen Xiu was also on fire right now,I tore off my shirt to reveal the muscles of a hardcover,Although there are hundreds of people around him,But the hundreds of […]


The heavy snow outside is still falling,A strong wind blows from time to time,Blow up the curtains。He Jing is not a simple woman,She knew what Wang Youcai meant from his eyes。

“Damn!Such heavy snow and wind,No one came,Why not close the door temporarily”He Jing softly asked。 Wang Youcai is back,Said with a dry cough:“You can call the shots。But I found,Doctor He is really charming” He Jing heard Wang Youcai praise her,He raised his chest very deliberately,Thus,With her exaggerated action when closing the door,Her landlord trembled so […]


“welcome,Why not welcome。”Burke said quickly:“Since you worshipped the teacher,Just as a spiritual practitioner is like a lunatic,Brothers haven’t eaten together for half a year!Wait, I’ll call Maui and Carl。Let’s eat in the imperial capital!”

Half an hour later,17The four brothers in dormitory No. have a small family in the east area of the Imperial Capital,Eating, drinking and talking in a very elegant and cozy restaurant。 The restaurant has a quiet atmosphere,The voice of the four brothers is also lowered a lot。 now,It’s been six years since the four brothers […]


This makes Li Hui’s feelings and relaxed.,At the same time, I also have to dig Wang Deshui to myself.,This kind of commanding ability is simply not Xu Jiafu.。

Seeing everything into the right track,Li Hui’s go home directly to help the tractor,Then put the water pump is also,Thinking about all the seedlings that have been planted directly。 And Wu came to look at Li Hui Huo Huo Hui Hui and in full swing.,They are hateful to bite the root。 “Oldness,This is stupid.? You […]


What about the details,Can I break my trick??

Peak Daojun has his own tricks,Palace Master Li Xing killed an emperor with three swords,King of Light’s speed against the sky,The Star King easily splits the nine avatars into 70% combat power,Xingyun Palace Master’s hands and feet under the cloud field。 Li Ming Three Forces in One,That’s my own strength。 There is nothing to keep […]


“Do you know which building it is??”

“I do not know then,Track this kind of thing,I can’t follow that close, right?,Anyway, I know he was kicked out of the house by his wife,Live in this community now,Regular entry and exit,It’s just not as stylish as before。”Wang San said。 “Ok,I know,Not bad,Your work efficiency is getting higher and higher now。”Fang Na didn’t forget […]



———— First1909chapter Press the gourd and lift the scoop Wang Youcai opened his eyes,I found myself lying on the hospital bed。The monitor on top of the head hums tirelessly,And the pain in my left shoulder is unspeakable。He can’t remember,What’s wrong with myself。 “Brother Wang woke up?”Wu Wu appeared from nowhere。Wang Youcai turned his neck slightly。Only […]


Li Tianzhen’s knife,Contains the power of demons,Opponents that can suppress all magical powers in terms of attributes,Yes‘Nine Demon Swing’The sharpest attack knife,In the previous meditation in the sea of vitality, he had forcibly poured golden runes he didn’t know into the blade,Discover the mighty big,Practice with three unicorn beasts this time,Not only hit the clone,Also killed the body,Achieved unexpected results。

Inside the cave,Li Tianzhen is weak,Although the body is not damaged,But depressed,Reluctantly meditate against the cave wall,But it didn’t last long before he crawled to the ground with a puff,This is the consequence of being shot frontally by the three unicorn beasts,I don’t know how many times I have entered the Devil’s Tower,How many times […]

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