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As a mutual country, a rural rustic, rustic, rising

The orange is growing well. Rice harvested in front of you is the first cultivated land occupation balance project of Naji Village, which is a village collective economy. The project implemented in January this year. At the beginning of June, the rice is ushered in November. "This project is a drought to change the waterfield […]


Chen Yunbin: Pay attention to parents’ mental health training

Guangdong Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Chen Yunbin, Vice President of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital. People’s Network Ma Xianan photographed "The subject of youth mental health education is not limited to children, but also pays attention to parents, teachers’ training. Parents, teachers should establish the correct understanding of mental health and do scientific intervention. […]


China @ 四 川 | Sichuan: Happiness Rural Citation "Guest"

  Xinhua News Agency, July 19, Supreme Suggestion: Happiness Rural Covers "Guest" Returning to Xinhua News Agency, Yang Sanjun, Chen Jian Shengxia’s Roasted Citrus Garden. 32-year-old new professional farmer Liu Shen Hao is using his own drip irrigation system to "hydrating" for citrus trees. This young man wearing glasses, stubborn, is not only a fruit farmer […]


Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

Multi-Auto said that comprehensive construction of a well-off society, highlighting the leadership capabilities of the Communist Party of China and the people’s orchid governance concept, which has enhanced confidence in the global, especially developing countries, and countries should learn and learn from China’s valuable development experience. Charles Oronnai, director of the China Research Center, pointed […]


Tang Dynasty Mural Culture Show into Macau Campus

  Xinhua News Agency Macau Electric (Reporter Li Hanfang, Liu Gang) "The Tang Dynasty Mural Cultural Exhibition" The Macao Exhibition has opened in Macao University of Science and Technology.   This is the first time I entered the Macau campus for the first time in the Tang Dynasty. The exhibition is the theme of the Tang Dynasty […]


Qu Qingyama: The new party strong theory of thought is strong

People’s Network Beijing July 2 (Huang Cui) July 1 Today, the People’s Network invited members of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Director of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the director of the Director of Qingshan, the director of the National Strong National Forum, and interpret the Spirit of General Secretary […]


This is a typical misunderstanding,Many patients clearly ask for fasting but their families are careful,Want to make your body,Instead, it will sneak the patient to feed the patient.,In fact, this is wrong.。

Patients who ask fast food eat things,Will aggravate the burden of patients,Let them be more difficult to recover。If you are doing surgery, you may return yourself during surgery.,Patients who have completed surgical recovery can not eat anything。 “Your wife is now pancreatitis,Pancreatic tube digestion,If you eat again,Her pancreatic excessive work secretion too many liquids,This condition […]

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