Month: January 2001


Huawei Kündig Neues Stipendienprogramm Für Jugndliche in Spanien An An

EinMannstehtvoreinemPlakatmitdemBildeinesfaltbarenMobiltelefonsvonHuaweiwhrenddesMobileWorldCongress(MWC)inBarcelona,Spanien,(FotovonGustavoValiente/Xinhua)MADRID,(Xinhua)–DerchinesischeTelekommunikationsrieseHuaweihatamDonnerstageinneuesStipendienprogrammfü"SemillasparaelFuturo"(SaatgutfürdieZukunft)dation(FUE)entwickelt,derenArbeitdaraufabzielt,langfristigeBeziehungenzwischenUniversitten,"SemillasparaelFuturo"wirdfür15UniversittsstudentenmitunterschiedlichentechnischenProfilenangebotenundkonzentriertsichaufdieBereicheInformatik,Ingenieurwesen,Telekommunikation,ürUnternehmens-undSozialverantwortungvonHuaweiSpanien, ValerieSosto,sagte,jungeMenschenseien"dieGrundlageunsererZukunft"."WirsindderMeinung,dasseswichtigist,zurEntwicklungeinerattraktivenundqualitativhochwertigenAusbildungbeizutragen,dieaufeinerengenZusammenarbeitzwischenderakademischenWeltundderWirtschaftbasiert",fügteSostohinzu."SemillasparaelFuturo"istTeilvonHuaweisUnternehmensstrategiefürsozialeVerantwortung"Chancenschaffen durchBildung".EinanderesStipendienprojekt,"DieZukunftderIKT",hatbereitsdazubeigetragen,200StudentenausUniversitteninganzSpanienindigitalenFhigkeitenzuschulen.(gemderNachrichtenagenturXinhua)。


Especially like him so older,Full of a curiosity for each case,Only the real go contact is abandoned。

“Yeah!good luck,Eating chickel tonight!” Chu Feng jumped from the sofa.。 Blue Xin was scared by his excited movement.。 This Chu flying is not a game,But I am addicted to the game all day.。 Today, it can only spend time correctly,Can change his habits。 “Sit down。” Mu Qingfang。 “what”I am happy to hear the roar of […]


Enhance the core competitiveness to help industrial upgrading

Enhance the core competitiveness to help industrial upgrading -the five Huato online media commentator Cao Qianqian, the five -media reviewer of the new infrastructure construction series, emphasized the comprehensive strengthening of infrastructure construction from the 11th meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee, to the country’s stabilization of the economic large -scale television conference […]


“You actually really will Hashimu?”Charles is somewhat awkward,Then the face is surprised on the face,“If you have time,We consider,How about it?”

“Not interested in。” Summer standing,Walking to Yunno。 See this,Charles,It’s just a smile on your face.,Follow up to step by step,“gentlemen,with all due respect,Huaxia Kung Fu,In my opinion, garbage。Do you agree with my point??” Summer shink,Laugh,Continue to walk。 “Iran,Nothing.。” Say,Summer is vigilant, look, a smile, Jason。 “fine。”Yun Ino sculpts smile,Eyeba looks at summer,“Datong brother,Jason’s classmates said […]


It is related to May Day, Guangtai Guangtai released some of the latest epidemic prevention requirements for railway stations

Guangzhou South Railway Station 1. Passengers entering the station need to show 48 -hour nucleic acid detection negative proof, Yuekang code green code, and body temperature does not exceed ° C. Please learn about the presence of the starting place and destination epidemic prevention and control policy before travel. Passengers to Beijing need to check […]


She is a super master,Eye,Not ordinary people can match。

So very clear,Double differential,And cultivate the martin of the Gods,How powerful。 Whether it is Western world,Still Chinese ancient,There are always some talents,Ability to be binding with ancient Wuhe。 Just like the priest,Have a lightning,And the ancient power is strong。 But in Ji Bao Bottles,Martin with Martin in front of me.。 As the ancient sea said,This […]

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