Month: February 2001



Summer depth,“What’s up。” “You come back.,Come out and sit,I am outside your villa.。” Summer double eyes,“good。” He hang up the phone,Go out of the door,Tower。 Dangdang in the kitchen in the hall,The little flower is sitting on the left side of a table,Serious writing industry。 “Brother?” After listening to the sound,Small flower looks up。 Summer […]


She is a super master standing behind Gano,Currently, the world is chasing Bruce and Lingtian。

“What are you doing?!” Summer thoughts,The whole body is like a big bow,ready,At any time。 “You want to work?” ‘Ji Bao Bottle’Brow,Like laugh,“so many people,Once you have a hand,You think about it?Moreover,You are sure that I can stop me.,Can you still play me??” Not contempt,But it’s a truth。 Summer face changed again。 and‘Ji Bao Bottle’Is […]


Plus Wei Zheng’s humiliation,Let all freshmen have an anger。

Now the driving of the Mozu,Allocate,Have come,Throw the Yuan Jing on a platform。 Why don’t you have a recognition of summer strength?。 Under the ring,More than 200 people gathered,All is new。 This time,The turn is horrified.。 Many people who have been clear before,Troubleshoot。 Yes, Wei Zhengmao,There is only one magic boy.。 And this summer […]


Jun Linyi flashes,“Very good,You are unexpected in again and again.,Among the fire,So so many blood,Morgama made this……Vitality is really tenacious。”

“Huh。” Summer smiling,“How?Let you be very disappointed?” “Indeed,I don’t understand.,Why don’t you die?。” He looks straight to the summer,“I mean,Why can’t you be killed by others?,Me……Really don’t want to shoot you,Kill you personally,That will bring me a lot of trouble.。” Summer opening,He sighed,“But now it is a good opportunity.,If it is missed,I am afraid […]


He is very clear that the other party is impossible.。

Really。 Fengshan also,“The ancient family went to Gu Zhenjiang,Take the ancient wind,In addition to the current ancient morning,Almost all of them are dead,And the death of these people,There are few more and you have some relationships with you.,Even if it doesn’t matter,They will also pay hate to your head.。” He looks straight to the summer,Ambient,“They […]


And with Shen Xuan’s export,This is to let people around those people look at it, the more I feel very surprised.。

obviously,In fact, they all,It’s not to think about this.。 But in these people,I have seen it in brushing.。 obviously,In fact, they are also completely shocked.。 “My goodness,Is this serious?,Still talking about us, everyone is joking?” “In fact, I feel that I feel,It must now be serious,otherwise,Why do you say this??” “If now,All this is […]


Yin Kong laughed,His favorite thing is to make jokes about it。

The elder looked at the bracelet,Time is almost up“Everyone,Time is almost up,We each gather our students,Go to time and space ruins!” Yin Kong and a few people put away a joke,Set off to gather their own students。 “These things can be tracked and located,After you enter inside,You can find other people through the above signal”The […]



That middle-aged man is very embarrassed,But I don’t know how to round the field。 “Let me do it!” Fang Yu two silver needles fall,Suddenly Mr. Zhao’s neck healed。 Took away the silver needle,Fang Yu gently pressed his neck。 Mr. Zhao feels refreshed! “I didn’t expect Mr. Fang to be,Also proficient!admire!” Middle-aged compliment。 just,A little unconvinced! […]

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