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And after some skilled bargaining,The restaurant manager finally extended two fingers to Qiao Tianyu and Xiaopang face,“20Million knives!”

“Deal!”The chubby face did not hesitate,Before Qiao Tianyu can react,Immediately shook the hand of the restaurant manager,Closed this deal。 “Keying,You are crazy!20Eat a fish!!!how dare you.”When Qiao Tianyu fully understands it,Roaring and running to stop the restaurant manager who was fishing,“Keep fish!” To know,Qiao Tianyu made countless money for two generations,But always uphold a hard […]


Have lunch,This time seems to be too early!

too difficult! “Brother Xiao Fan,what do you mean,You are already lighting me up in the restaurant right now?”When Shen Xiaoya asked Xiao Fan these words,To tell the truth, she had fun and luck。 She even hoped that Xiao Fan was just asking her out for dinner,As for Xiao Fan,,He is not in the restaurant。 In […]


The end result is that Lu Jinning gives in,As long as she doesn’t leaveAcity,He has a chance to meet her,Just in case she gets angry,Run away from home like a daughter,He has to regret his death!

Yang Qiuyun didn’t tell Lu Jinning about her daughter’s pregnancy,Her daughter is as stupid as her,For the love in my heart,Choose the hardest path。 Daughter grows up so big,Didn’t get a little help from the Lu family,But suffered such a big loss,As a mother who can’t get justice for her daughter,I can only do my […]


First106chapter Pit me?Then don’t blame me for cheating you

Until this moment when Chen Geng put all this before his eyes,Bernard found out that he had committed an extremely stupid、It’s a stupid mistake:I underestimated this kid,Extremely seriously underestimated。 What Fernandez thought of,I, an elite who has been doing marketing for many years, never thought,For example, if this lawsuit is opened,,What a huge negative impact […]


“The power of the demon lies in its ability to absorb the negative emotions of living beings,As long as the creatures are immortal,The demon will not lose power,and,The demon can also absorb the origin of the world。”

Nezha said in a leisurely tone,If Monkey King can really refine the demon,It can be expected that the strength of the fourth-tier Monkey King will change drastically.,At least Monkey King will no longer have to worry about the calculations of world consciousness。 “Immortality,Eternal demon?interesting。” Ying Zheng said calmly,If the demon appears in his world, Yingzheng […]


“amount.”Qiao Shan asked,“How to cooperate?”

When he asked this question,Qin Feng knew,Qiao Shan’s heart is already biased towards cooperation between the two sides。 “Your Qiao family also joined the world!You will mix with me in the future,I will help you defeat the pharmacist,the most important is,Don’t you like Yao Xiaoqin??If the pharmacist loses,Yao Xiaoqin is yours。” Although this is like […]


Tian Lu smiled:“Thank you,My place is enough to settle me,if necessary,I will trouble you。”

Chen Limu blinked,Nodded thickly,Show approval,Then I asked the landlord with concern:“How did you come?I called Li De to drive you?” “no need,Thank you,I want to exercise,While exercising,You can also think about some problems alone。”Tian Lu tells the reason why you don’t need to send it,Tell Chen Limu your true thoughts。 “Also good,Then you pay attention […]


A leopard was so cool,Called many things,Started to say I can’t drink,Ended up eating and chatting,Took beer again。

Chen Wenjin was eating, drinking and chatting,I heard Abao say a lot,I’ve been talking about things since childhood,Finally, when he talked about peaches, he burped and said:“Actually, I didn’t hate peaches so much,Knowing her virtue in school, I look down on her more and more。But she looks good and doesn’t need money,Does it take advantage […]


But everyone has a conclusion in their hearts:Chen Geng’s move,Definitely has a deeper meaning,Maybe he is using this method to convey some kind of information to the senior management。

Mirren is also concerned about the same problem,On the way back,Mirren finally couldn’t hold back his curiosity,Ask Chen Geng:“boss,What’s going on today?” Chen Geng looked relaxed:“How would I know?” “Do not!I believe you absolutely know!”Mirren said with a certain look。 “Oh?Why do you say that?”Chen Geng was a little surprised,He is confident that he has […]


Obviously not!Qin Feng is still thinking about the five major families!Although the chief executive made it clear that he will handle this sooner or later。But Qin Feng didn’t dare to rely on the big chief!

the most important is,Even the chief executive did not confirm which of the five families other than the Zhang family or which group of members would be involved in spiders。 So Qin Feng just took the old path before,And those so-called five big family dudes“make friends”,Then you can enter their circle? although,Those disciples who do […]

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