Month: May 2021


This result surprised Chen Geng,The first software made by few little-known students,Can be sold in the first week3286set?!

Although under my own suggestion,Anna and others finally price this software only9.9USD,Although the recommendation of the data research company is indispensable,Can be sold in just a week3286Software,It’s not enough to explain that Anna and other students developed this“Personal financial management”software,Did it really hit the sensitive point of market demand?? Sales for a week is32000Multi dollar,What […]


Yes,He Gao is the point!

Qin Feng felt that his intention was seen through,I can only smile awkwardly。 After all, He Gao took the lead It’s too difficult,Now I know that he and Zhang Qiang have entered the Oda family together,Then this opportunity must not be missed。 Cen Wen is a little worried,“Qin Feng,I should have said it before,You need […]

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