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The second child lived in a mansion on the east side when he got married,The eldest wife disappeared,The child is brought by the second wife,She has two more sons of her own,That side building is small and cold,Just changed rooms with the boss。

———— Chapter Twenty Three Why on earth The dilapidated thatched house where Yang Weiguo lived is said to be the first house where the Yang family lived,It was too dilapidated,Only one,Just rebuilt a new house in front。 Tao Zhenzhen heard about it at the time,It’s not because Yang Weiguo was not born with him that […]


Waste your resources without any pity,Because Han Genji knew clearly,The profit generated by the prescription that I gave out,Even if only one percent,I have paid back thousands of times!

“I really won’t greet Sister Yuxiang anymore?” Hesitated for a long time,Xiangyang is still behind Xiang Chen,Asked softly。 in hospital,Xiangyang can see,Han Yuxiang really wants to say hello to everyone,But because of everyone’s deliberate avoidance,The smile on Han Yuxiang’s face is only a taste after all。 Heard Xiangyang’s question,Xiang Chen was slightly shocked,Then silent。 “Xiang […]


It turns out that His Royal Highness Huanhai just used,Is one of the legendary magic skills of the mage《Destruction》,It is said that this technique can wipe out the opponent’s equipment attributes in battle,A magical skill at the fantasy level,Almost never used it in front of the world。

Did not expect this time,It turned out that Princess Huanhai opened everyone’s eyes。 ———— Chapter one thousand and sixty nine Do you want to give up Although the equipment attribute disappeared,It’s really regrettable,but,Anyone with a bit of mind,Can understand why Princess Fantasy Sea does this。 Because of that superb necklace,The restraint on the mage profession […]


The giant man’s face is angry,Just wanted to speak,Lu Menglin spit on his throat,He was beaten so hard that he couldn’t say a word。

“My patience is limited!While i want to talk,You better hurry up!Otherwise I will kill!”Lu Menglin added coldly again。 The temple guards all stared at him with extreme vigilance,They knew what the madman said was true,Just look at his blow just now,Shatter the god armor on the leader,You know the deep pit that blasted the ground […]


But this also shows,This year’s seed contest is very special,In the eyes of some giants,Every inch of land must compete,Absolutely not to be missed。

“It turned out to be my own!Ha ha!We are actually a team from Bairimen!Our team name is Shiramon Aoki team!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。 This remark,The one hundred people on the opposite side were all stunned。 Are these three also arranged by the boss behind the scenes?It seems to make sense!Otherwise, why are they […]


Media and public uproar!

Countless media and reporters flocked to Chrysler,Check if the New York Post report is true、Ask Chrysler’s board members what they think about this、Ask ordinary employees of Chrysler Motors what they think、Even asked Li Aikoka what he thought of this incident “What is going on?!Why the damn New York Post can’t get along with me?” A […]


So Fatty Lin didn’t understand,Why does this man hurt her so much,Why does Carina Du still face Qin Feng?

“Fatty Lin,First of all,There is nothing between me and uncle,and,This is my own personal business,I don’t seem to need you to control。the most important is,Qin Feng wants to care for me and comfort me,Instead of questioning me like you!” Carina Du said that her voice was louder than usual,Because she has a lot of troubles,But […]


As for Qin Feng,After I hung up Jiang Chao, I called Muzi。Even though I haven’t contacted the other party,But Qin Feng’s phone number is still in his mind。People like them are still sensitive to numbers。

Okay,Call through。 “Hey Muzi,I am Qin Feng。I am now in an island country,I heard that many forces are coming here,what happened?” Muzi I’m not surprised that Qin Feng is still alive,Just responded in a very ordinary tone,“Island capital?I heard that something big is going to happen。” “What big thing?” “The Oda family and the Tokugawa […]


“Oh,correct,I met Yinsang,The person Zhong Fa said yesterday.”Qin Feng simply repeated the conversation between himself and Yinsang。

Jiang Min frowned when he heard,“What is the purpose of that person?” “I know,I find that my brain is not enough now, you know?You people always talk nonsense,Hide your purpose,I can’t guess it at all,I was taken around by you。” Speaking of this, Qin Feng clearly expressed his dissatisfaction。 “okay,so be it!”Finished,Jiang Min turned and […]

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