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First279chapter Subdue Honda It’s Wu Weidong, the mayor of Magic City! If you strictly follow the official name,Now Wu Weidong is the first secretary of the magic city,It’s not appropriate to call someone the mayor。 See Wu Weidong,Chen Geng was a little surprised,Speaking of it, I don’t seem to agree with this leader,When I visited […]


“Lightning Walk!”

The disappearing figure appeared in Jiuyoumang’s most vulnerable seven inches,Zanglong turned into sword light and slashed directly on it。 “Clang!” Blade contact with scales,Huge sparks,Xia Chenglong’s body was instantly bounced away,Slide out a few meters after landing。 As for that guy,The violent blow just left a two-meter-long sword mark on the scales,And this kind of […]


Other people regained consciousness after reaching saturation,It can be seen from the joy on their faces,The gain this time is definitely not small。

“You remember,The way to ask God is endless,It needs to feel,Find what belongs to itself,Able to exist beyond foreign objects,Maybe it’s rain,It’s possible to feel in a word,This is the way to ask God。” “Juniors are taught!” The old dragon guard did not treat these people wrongly,And you can say it unceremoniously,Just these words,Is what […]


“Brothers and sisters,We just did a very strenuous exercise,I admit that I eat a lot at noon,But now I’m really hungry again!”

Shan and crying,I didn’t rub my palms on my stomach a few times,My stomach makes a sound of hunger。 The sheets say so again,Look at the time,But it’s almost time to finish the meal。 A few people in a group walked slowly down the mountain,Blood on foot,Gentle face…… ———— Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty One […]


then,Sun Wukong suddenly discovered that there was a strange creature in the courtyard,The breath of this creature is too evil,but,The appearance is really in line with the monsters he expected。

Burly,Grim face,Looks almost as handsome as him,Monkey King just thought about what the weird old man said,And didn’t pay attention to everything that happened in the small courtyard。 therefore,Monkey King did not know the origin of this tribe,And purpose,then,Monkey King looked at Jingtian suspiciously,He believes that Sedum can answer his doubts。 and,It’s rare to meet […]


Jiang Yan nodded,Said with a smile:“Go!”

Jiang Chao was a little bit dumbfounded,He was called a fat brother for the first time since he took office。But he is not angry,Did not interrupt Qin Fenghe“Girlfriend”You and me。 Qin Feng accompanies Jiang Chao downstairs,The former thought that the fat guy would chat with himself in the elevator。But the other party didn’t plan to […]


Shi Yuqing smiled:“Why not go out,She doesn’t like to go out in the cold of winter,Why don’t our mothers like to stop by?!”

The old lady didn’t come back at noon,Yang Weidong is not here either,The other brothers asked about them,The old man distracted,“Went to your aunt’s house,Hurry up to eat!” in the afternoon,The old lady came back beaming,Yang Weidong followed behind without any expression。 “Became。”She showed off to the old man as soon as she walked in,“That […]


The second child lived in a mansion on the east side when he got married,The eldest wife disappeared,The child is brought by the second wife,She has two more sons of her own,That side building is small and cold,Just changed rooms with the boss。

———— Chapter Twenty Three Why on earth The dilapidated thatched house where Yang Weiguo lived is said to be the first house where the Yang family lived,It was too dilapidated,Only one,Just rebuilt a new house in front。 Tao Zhenzhen heard about it at the time,It’s not because Yang Weiguo was not born with him that […]


Waste your resources without any pity,Because Han Genji knew clearly,The profit generated by the prescription that I gave out,Even if only one percent,I have paid back thousands of times!

“I really won’t greet Sister Yuxiang anymore?” Hesitated for a long time,Xiangyang is still behind Xiang Chen,Asked softly。 in hospital,Xiangyang can see,Han Yuxiang really wants to say hello to everyone,But because of everyone’s deliberate avoidance,The smile on Han Yuxiang’s face is only a taste after all。 Heard Xiangyang’s question,Xiang Chen was slightly shocked,Then silent。 “Xiang […]

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