Month: July 2021


Huang Shaotian speaks incoherently,Speak quickly,She is shy and angry,Only one thought now,I just want the fanatic to stop quickly!

Execution,Too torturous!It’s like a slash on the body,Even more uncomfortable,Thousand times! “What are you doing in my yard??”Lu Menglin asked unhurriedly。 He asked a series of meaningless questions first,Just to disrupt the rhythm of this beautiful swordsman,Let her keep answering,No time to think and lie。 This is also one of the interrogation techniques of the […]


In this martial arts field, the reinforced space law is now in the four elders,After the sword energy of this sword condensed, it shattered directly。

The Fourth Elder waved so softly towards the front,The two golden snakes circling and twisted towards Xia Chenglong, opened their blood basin and raised their mouths.。 At this time, Xia Chenglong knew that he could never use his fists anymore.,If my fist touches these two sword qi,,I’m afraid at that time,You have to scrap。 Xia […]



PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。 “Yes,That’s it,”Chen Geng nodded:“But on the way to Moscow,I reorganized my thinking,I think what we need is not an engine,But a series of engines。” A series of engines? Chen Geng said this,Yuri·Kravchenko and Nikolai·Malinkov was taken aback at the same time,Only Kelly·Hicks,There is still no change in expression。 “Yes,A […]


Can’t blame Song Kangsong,It’s you you might think so。

Song Litao nodded,Be the default。 But his brows are still frowning,No solution to the company scandal,Now I don’t even know who the opponent is,What do you do! “dad,Why don’t you ask Uncle Sun??See what he can do。”Song Kangsong suggested。 Song Litao heard the words,Eyes suddenly light up。 Yes indeed,Why forgot this person,He patted his forehead,Then […]


Introduction by listening to the conversation of the person next to you,Lu Menglin also probably understood the identity and background of this first soldier。

He is the grandson of the trustee of Hong Kong Island Women’s University,Last name,The name is quite poetic,Mr. Niu’s family background must be pretty good,Niu’s family is also one of the new giants on Hong Kong Island,And he has an uncle who is the deputy director of the Hong Kong Island Department of Culture,Very good […]


Qiao Tianyu realized that something was wrong,Hurry up and look out of the car,As a result, I saw a huge ship docked in the Persian Gulf not far away.。

And these big ships are much bigger than the average ships you see in the ordinary day,Almost like a giant aircraft carrier。 Qiao Tianyu saw the shock,Just saw so many troops and large transport aircraft at Dubai Airport at noon,I saw so many big ships in the afternoon,Certainly not a coincidence,Is there something going to […]


After finishing all the scheduled agenda,Including eating and drinking,Drunk,Enough,The scene is very happy。Xie Lisu helped Ding Kelan a lot on the wine table,Send him secretly from time to time、Winking。Ding Kelan looked at each other with a smile on the entertainment scene,Then treat foreign guests friendly。Zhan Xinyue stood outside the dining room to serve,Collaborative work,Complement each other。

Satiated,The rest of the aftermath,Handed over to Vice President Jebanff to complete,Zhan Xinyue coordinated their move on behalf of the company。 Ding Kelan leaves first,Assistant Zhu Zhu drove the car over,See Tian Lu standing at the exit of the reception center with the previous folder trembling、I don’t know why。Follow the usual leadership style,I generally think […]


Even when he walked from the door of the company to the president’s office, no one paid any attention to him.。As if he doesn’t exist at all。

Qin Feng knocked on the door and entered the president’s office,At this moment Jiang Yan was looking at a pile of documents and scratching her head。 no way,Even if she is a business wizard, she doesn’t know how to deal with this change。 In fact, Shenglong Group seems to have started preparations a long time […]


I have to beg for a co-author,Or they still disagree……

Tao Zhenzhen is unfamiliar with the children of the second sister’s family,The original owner has no affection for those children,But the child was given away,She feels uncomfortable thinking about it。 Second sister came in after washing her face,“mom,I’ll go back first……” “and many more,”Tao Zhenzhen went to stop her,“Second sister,You really want to give away […]


“no!By the way, you have created a report on a Hollywood blockbuster,This female secretary also appeared in the reading and writing of your newspapers,Don’t you know her?”Qin Feng smiled。

After Qin Feng said so,Liu Yang blushes,Because it’s embarrassing!Speaking of that article,At that time, Liu Yang wanted to make Qin Feng look like a scumbag。It’s better to be a woman insulator from now on,Let him never get to know the girl again。 This is the best result of Liu Yang’s revenge against Qin Feng。 just […]

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