Month: August 2021


Zhang Wenya comforted Zhou Wanqiu in the past,And left。

Yu Shi looked at Ji Yunfeng,Hand him the car key:“You drive my car back,I’ll be free to deliver to the company tomorrow。” Ji Yunfeng didn’t pick up the key,Teased:“how?Want to send me away?I do not go,I stay with you。” “No need to,Aunt Liu and I will be there,You go back quickly。”Yu Shi feels unfamiliar with […]


Acquire active career skills“Life conduction”:After casting this skill,Transfer part of the witch doctor’s own health to another living creature,Cooling time60second。

☆Shaman:Acquire active career skills1:“Life sharing”,Shaman can connect oneself with another**Target life,The two will share subsequent lives。The witchcraft effect unless cancelled voluntarily,Otherwise, until the blood volume of one of them drops to1HP,Or until dispelled。Will enter after failure120Second cooldown。 Acquire active career skills2:“Soul swap”,You can swap the souls of teammates in the two fields of vision。The witchcraft […]


“Don’t worry,I called Captain Wu directly,He has brought people over。I’m just outside the village,Lu Hao has told me about the situation you encountered”Yao Junli said calmly on the phone。

Xia Jianyi listen,Sneered:“thank you for your kindness,We can solve this by ourselves”Finished,He didn’t wait for Yao Junli to speak,Hung up。 Wang Lin who drove the car laughed:“This is awesome,No one appreciates others helping you。It seems that the relationship is extraordinary!”Wang Lin said,Actually laughed。 Xia Jiangang is going to speak,I saw a large log lying horizontally […]


Teenager staring,If you can see skyfire in your eyes,I can burn this ugly and arrogant fellow to ashes,But unfortunately in the opponent’s domain,The boy can’t do anything。

“Son of a bitch,You are cruel,Finally ask you,What are your new discoveries in the void?” “Why i tell you?” “I am fucking you!”The teenager spit out blood,But I have no choice but to face such a freak,Even Li Tan is obedient like a dog,He is really powerless。 Big eyeballs didn’t pay attention to him at […]


The cloth bag is opened,The bread inside turned out to be a very old book,The paper of the book has turned yellow,Wang Huimin picked up this book,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:“This is the silver needle left by my husband’s ancestors**,There are needles for various diseases,This book is for you”

This benefit came too suddenly,Xia Jianyi listen,Said hurriedly:“No, Hyemin,Something like you,How can you give it to me easily,And this is your family heirloom” Wang Huimin smiled and said:“The heirloom is really right,But my husband said this,To be given to the destined,Hongyu doesn’t have this talent,And I am less educated,Low savvy,There are so many things in […]


Space fluctuation flashes。。。

A mechanical jungle-like universe,Forced to work day after day,A teenager who will not live to be thirty,Watching the words formed by the wind blowing soot,Nod to answer。 In the vast grassland,Lost all loved ones,The youth surrounded by enemies gritted their teeth,Agreed。 Endless ocean,The middle-aged swordsman with the hatred of the country and the family looked […]


“Of course!”

Xiao Meng’s heart is a little moved,Seeing Fuming’s eyes are full of sincere eyes,Although this kid is a bit skinny,But observe for so long,Still keep the promise。 Xiaomeng got up slowly,Open road:“alright,Since you said so,I’ll help you this time,Speak,what should I do?” Fuming said with a smile at the corner of his mouth:“Since you can […]


And the moment Ye Xuan threw out the check,In Ye Xuan’s mind,A voice followed。

“Successfully spent 5 million,Health increased310。” what,Is this okay?? Think of these,Ye Xuan seemed to have discovered the New World suddenly。 in fact,If this looks ok,Then next,Ye Xuan’s heart,Probably already know,What to do now。 But the more so,Actually Ye Xuan is seeing these,The corners of his mouth rise slightly,Bring up an intriguing smile。 And put it […]


Xia Jian just remembered,I was so excited just now,The silicone mask on the face is not torn off,No wonder your family said they didn’t know him。Thought of here,Xia Jianmeng turned around,Carrying the girl tore off the mask on her face。

No, when he turns around again,The old kid couldn’t help but widen his eyes,She said excitedly:“You are really Xia Jian!when did you come?”Girl talking,The book in my hand fell to the floor with a snap。 Xia Jian couldn’t hold back his excitement,He pounced,Hugged the girl,Put her in my arms。May be the reason why I haven’t […]


“Ok,It’s also”

。。。 Fuming went back to the room and took a shower,Feel refreshed“Wait until the criminal law department’s matter is resolved,You can start to break through,Stuck on this day for too long,Time to advance” “Bang,Bang,Bang”Fuming once opened,Are three people in red and black clothes,Looking at Fuming with indifferent eyes“You are Ye Fuming?”The headed opening asked。 “Yes,You […]

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