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That cries, look for yourself to eat.,That has been following the fart behind him,Finally grew up,How long does it take?,She will wear a white wedding dress,Go to the wedding hall。

His heart is full of happiness,Also full,Very contradiction。 But he knows this is the way,I can’t always be sleepy.,She also wants to find a party belonging to her own.,Go to create the home belonging to yourself。 And this family is still a mother.,Welcome to the door forever。 Their story is still continuing,Continue to stage in […]


This is the first enemy I face,Never take it lightly!

“Zhu Minglang。”A soft voice sounded,Interrupted Zhu Minglang’s thoughts。 “Teacher Duan Lan。”I wish Minglang maintain the respect he should have to the teacher,Knock your left hand on the back of your right hand,Bow slightly。 “I will pray for rain tomorrow near noon,But rain can only temporarily moisturize,Whether it’s subsequent irrigation or feeding for livestock,Need a lot […]


The dishes seem to be ordered long ago,All in a while,Sister Wang motioned to Rong Sisi to close the door,Then he said with a smile:“Mr. Xia can make a joke,We are both inferior to raising cattle”

“Oh!I don’t understand,What kind of money do you two want me to give you”Xia Jian pretended to be confused。 Li Na snorted,Pretend to be angry:“This handsome boy doesn’t treat our sisters as friends,Don’t give face,Eat well first,Drink well” Such a table of dishes,Don’t eat white,Xia Jian is also welcome,It’s all here,He is really hungry,Regardless of […]


Zhou Yewu’s outpatient clinic has no subsequent registration。

So only Xu Tianfu alone。 Therefore, Zhou Yewu is not panicked in the outpatient clinic to continue to observe Xu Tianfu.。 A few minutes of observation,Xu Tianfu’s chest tightness still continues,And it seems to have a greater trend。 Zhou Ye also saw the momentum is not,Retracence again to Xu Tianfu once again。 Result ECG promptST-TSegment […]


With his current strength,Hundreds of people can’t get close to him。

“You say you,”I haven’t waited for Wang Xiner to finish。 “Who,Who,Who,Dare to bully my baby,”There appeared a man of five big and three rough,A group of security guards followed。 “This,”Qin Hao doubts,I immediately understood Wang Xin’er’s face。 Dare to love this brother Wang Xiner said,It turned out to be a lover relationship。 People in this […]


“Elek,You have to know,Your brother Maui is the contemporary grand prince of Mermaid Castle,Lord of the Thousand Islands Province!Thousand Islands Province is the most delicious place in the sea,How much do you say he will prepare?”

Elek’s eyes lit up,She has half the blood of Leiyun Pengsiao。Lei Yun Peng Diao,This is the kind of monsters that live by the sea,Love to eat all kinds of sea food。 Cecilia sitting next to Wright smiled,Touch Elek’s head gently with your hand。 “Tweeted~Tweeted~~~!)v(!” Elek flies faster。 quickly,A strange landscape appeared before Wright’s eyes。 Countless […]


Chapter Twenty treasure

A news spread quickly throughout the entire third domain outside the battlefield。 The emergence of a ruin in the time and space maze,More than five thousand kings participated in this battle,In the end, they killed each other and lost nearly four thousand people。 And all this,But fulfilled the reputation of a god。 Devil King! Devil […]


Liu Yibai was fooled by him,Wei opened the shot on this side but it hit,Chen Xiu puts his palm upright and draws a sword with infinity,But without the blessing of the soft sword,Greatly reduced,It was easily broken by Wei’s gun strength,Wei Kai was bullied into him in an instant。

———— 895 Scare away rivals “Chen Xiu,This time you are dead!” Wei Kai grinned,The short spear stabs at Chen Xiu。 Chen Xiu won’t hide or leave,Shot directly through the body,See through! Wei Kai couldn’t help but froze,It’s too easy,I always feel something is wrong。 “Hehe……” The stabbed Chen Xiu leaked blood from the corner of […]


“Zhang Lao,You wait……”

Old man Zhang is proud,“This kid,Still tender。The old man knew you would stop me。” All of a sudden,Walk back fast,I took out a checkbook from my pocket,Quickly signed 6 million promissory notes。 Chen Xiu looked at the amount he wrote down,Talk and stop。 Ok,The old man hard fortress gave himself five million,It would be inappropriate […]


People in the city want to go out.!

Let her go! Zhou Ye has begun to complain in my heart.,This damn access control,Not a mess?? Although He Non is long and beautiful,Body and comfort,But now I know that I know myself to resist.,Can he not talk about love?。 But he thinks this ban,Suddenly I felt that some didn’t。 Heno is still lying on […]

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