Month: November 2021


“Mr. Tian,This is not good.,Ajie is a show that our company has strongly cultivated,If it is taken away by the Tiantian Group,That is big.。”

“Hahaha” After chatting,High manager enters the topic,I have visited the luxury housing outside the outside.。 “High manager,Not,I recently changed to do real estate.,In the past, the wind and water layout is already unsuitable.。” Elegant on the second floor of the big house,Tian Weiqiang lights the cigar:“I listen to my friends.,You are professional,This time I can […]


“Thank you very much this time.,I really don’t know.,The licorice tablets will be addictive,If you meet you?,I have been dangerous.。”Rosen said that his hand is tight.,I am grateful in my eyes.。

Liu Qianqian said very grateful:“Yes,We almost give yourself a big trouble.,When he drunk this medicine,I still feel very good.,Cheap,I really didn’t think that the licorice tablets were more dangerous.。” “Good medicine,Also。This time is a long lesson.,I will get a disease later.,Don’t let yourself eat,To do under the guidance of a doctor。”Zhou Ye smiled,He is very […]


This is a typical misunderstanding,Many patients clearly ask for fasting but their families are careful,Want to make your body,Instead, it will sneak the patient to feed the patient.,In fact, this is wrong.。

Patients who ask fast food eat things,Will aggravate the burden of patients,Let them be more difficult to recover。If you are doing surgery, you may return yourself during surgery.,Patients who have completed surgical recovery can not eat anything。 “Your wife is now pancreatitis,Pancreatic tube digestion,If you eat again,Her pancreatic excessive work secretion too many liquids,This condition […]


“You just talk nonsense,If you don’t let us come, we won’t come!We have no place to live”Old Han’s wife said,Changed your shoes and went into the kitchen。

Xia Jian was helpless for a while,This Han Xue can really mess up,He is fine alone now,Why should she let her parents come here?? Xia Jian is puzzled,He was busy pouring water for the two old men,Then smiled and said:“How come the uncle and aunt are free today??” “Hi!Our current leader has spoken,We just listen […]


Xia Sanhu, who was packing things up, took a look,Busy talking to Xia Jian:“You still support her,She drank a lot”

“I don’t need help,My drink is good!”Qin Xiaomin said,Fast pace。Although the body is a little shaky,But she walks very fast。Xia Jian has a look,Hurried to catch up。 The new breeding plant is built on the top of North Mountain,Higher terrain。Walking into the village is considered a downhill road,So Qin Xiaomin took advantage of the inertia […]


When he walked into the altar,Soon a force of heart led him into various environments。

Mind enters the world reincarnation everywhere,He hasn’t seen it before。 strictly speaking,Incarnate into mundane walking,It’s very similar。 In the universe,He passed the test of the Six Holy Peaks and had similar illusions。 Don’t talk about these false,Even the real reincarnation, he never played less。Reckless universe,He turned around countless times,Just now from Zhulong Ming Taoist to […]


And the masters of the universe value him even more,After all, in the eyes of the masters of the universe,Once Li Ming breaks through to be the Lord,The strength is at least comparable to the Star Inferno Demon Lord and Mother Grandfather Star Lord,Become a top universe overlord—Maybe even stronger,Directly comparable to the cold whale、Tuoshan quake these heaven-defying existences。

Of course before that,Li Ming has to plan the fourth clone。 ———— Chapter Thirty Two Clone Chapter One Clone The origin of these four avatars,Li Ming’s current realm can be guessed,It should be Panlong Universe back then,Create a small universe with blood energy,When breaking through to the realm of Hongmeng,The power brand of own deity […]


In the view of Ghost King,Liao Wenjie fine peel meat,I can’t eat this bitter,I should give up for a few days.。

Despise,Liao Wenjie is just a mouth,Five hundred pieces have harvested a cheats,I only feel that this is not empty.,I worshiped the ghost king.,Turning out grocery shop warehouse。 Ten seconds later,He suddenly folded back,The ghostwing of the jade woman is scared.,Hello to hide the auxiliary teaching materials behind。 “Hey,Why don’t you knock?,Do you know that I […]


A spear made of intertwined wood in the hand,Collided with Fuming’s attack,Green and blue light curtains flashed,Looks gorgeous。

boom! The two were blasted back a few steps by energy,Fuming looking at He Xingyuan’s eyes getting hotter and hotter,The fighting spirit in his eyes is getting stronger and stronger,He Xingyuan’s mouth twitches slightly“Is this guy a human or a monster,Good physical fitness!” He Xingyuan’s right hand trembled slightly,There was a trace of jealousy in […]

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