Month: January 2022


Qinghai held the province’s network security coordination mechanism work conference

In order to effectively prevent and resolve network security risks, improve the construction of network security system, recently, Qinghai Nets Office organizes the province’s network security coordination mechanism work conference. The Qinghai Conference pointed out that the members of each member should be guided by the overall national security concept, and use a good network […]


Peking Opera Performing Artist Du Ningfang died

  [Guangming chase] National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project (Peking Opera) Representative inheritor, one of the founders of the National Beijing Theater Artistic Style, Du Na Fang, the National Beijing Theater Art Steering Committee, is invalid for illness, April 17, 2021 At the end of Beijing, I was 89 years old. Duji Fang was originally known as […]


Rui Reference Table Policy advised Taiwan Power: "What is the bad eye?"

On November 5 (Wen / Li Qi) Korean Media said on November 3, Samsung, SK Husi two Korean chip manufacturers will submit chip related information to the United States before the 8th. People re-turned their attention to TSME. On October 25, the world’s largest chip manufacturing company said that it will not provide confidential data […]


Tea Kazi Lake Scenic Area Tourism Reception Numerous High

  On May 22, the Tea Kazi Lake Scenic Area has reached the peak for many days of tourism celebrations for many days. According to the general manager of Qinghai Tea Kaerhu Culture and Tourism Development Co., Ltd.   Recently, Tea Kazi Lake Scenic Area held a series of activities to give back to visitors, including May […]

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