Month: February 2022


The whole society must vigorously promote the spirit of poverty

  The great cause has given great spirit, the great spirit leads the great cause. "Deversion of the great struggle, the forging forms ‘up and down, perceived, accurate pragmatic, pioneering and innovating, attacking hard, not negative people’, the spirit of the poverty". "General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized:" The whole society must vigorously promote the spirit of […]


Protection and development of Swedish historical and cultural heritage

[] Sweden is one of the most important countries in the world, and its environmental philosophy and implementation are reflected in the various corners of society. In terms of cultural heritage protection, Sweden combines sustainable development and heritage protection, and further enhances the historical value of cultural heritage while healthy development tourism.   The National Cultural […]


Put on the "courier" dress brush single fraud

  Original title: Putting the "courier", the outerwear brush single fraud, the trick refurbished "Double 11" is coming, many people’s shopping carts have been full, but if there is a "courier", do you have to be careful. ! According to the municipal anti-fraud center monitoring, the city has recently encountered a scam of "courier" to brush […]


Sports in the field are still igniting the hope of Turkou family

      Athletes participating in the event hugs the mascot. Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net reporter Liang Yu photo China Youth Daily Client Xi’an October 26 (Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net reporter Liang Wei) National 11th Conference and Eighth Turko Shaanxi Province was held, of which 8 Tempea projects were arranged in Baoji City. As a non-sports […]


Qu Qingyama: The new party strong theory of thought is strong

People’s Network Beijing July 2 (Huang Cui) July 1 Today, the People’s Network invited members of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Director of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the director of the Director of Qingshan, the director of the National Strong National Forum, and interpret the Spirit of General Secretary […]


Sprinkle the "firewall" for the continued healthy development of digital economy

  "Japan Economic News" reports that China’s "Data Security Law" aims to strengthen data control, promote the use of domestic data, and achieve orderly development through sound related laws. The method is a comprehensive law on data in China, and the data determines the competitiveness of enterprises and countries. The report also pointed out that the […]


The person in charge of the company’s two "scattered" enterprises in Taiyuan

  Original title: The person in charge of the two enterprises repeatedly reported on December 29th, learned from the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, the Lapling Branch of the Municipal Ecological Environment, and the person in charge of the two "scattered" enterprises in the district has been dealive.   Recently, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau of the Municipal […]

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