Month: May 2022


2021 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit is vandaag gesloten

Op 28 september werd de sluitpersconferentie van Wuzhen-top in de World Internet Conference in 2021 gehouden in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. Het National Netition Office, het Provinciaal Net Tribers-kantoor van Zhejiang van de verantwoordelijke kameraad woonde de conferentie bij en introduceerde deze Summit Situatie en uitkomst. De relevante verantwoordelijke kameraden van het National Netition Office zei dat […]


As a mutual country, a rural rustic, rustic, rising

The orange is growing well. Rice harvested in front of you is the first cultivated land occupation balance project of Naji Village, which is a village collective economy. The project implemented in January this year. At the beginning of June, the rice is ushered in November. "This project is a drought to change the waterfield […]


Adhere to the self-revolutionary jump out of the historical cycle rate

  No matter what problem, no matter who is a problem, it will take the opportunity for corruption, especially the problem of corruption, and constantly remove all the factors that harm the party’s advanced nature and pureness, and continuously remove all the viruses of the Party’s healthy body dare to face the problem. Be brave in […]


Bei’an City is fully committed to preventing epidemic, stabilizing the economy, and protects people’s livelihood

The People’s Net Harbin November 12 electricity and overturgic prevention and control and economic and social development are both a war and a major test. Bei’an City handles the door to prevent and control the door, the reaction is fast, calm response, accurate Metei, continuously consolidating the prevention and control results, put the rudder of […]


Champions League Single: Ma Jingke Sheng Porto promotes 16 strong

The Champions League, the Madrid Athletics team beat the Boluki team, eventually led to the second line. Xinhua News Agency Lisbon December 7 (Chen Betjo) 2021-2022 Time Champions League on the 7th of the Boermu, a promotion battle, a guest of Portugal, Madrid Athletics, 3: 1, defeated the Bohe, and finally in the second line; […]


Al de standaard! Changning 10 Street Town staat al vijf opeenvolgende jaren op de lijst!

Xinhua Road Street besteedt aandacht aan het bouwen van ‘twee belangrijke relaties’: harmonieuze arbeidsverhoudingen en goede levering en vraagrelaties, die een goede omgeving bieden voor de oplossing van de werkgelegenheidscontrading. Jiangsu Road Street stond op de dienst, als een goed bedrijf "Moeder", "Smart Bad Team" biedt het weekend "niet vecht" ‘All-Day’ Office Consulting Services, zodat […]

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