And they are all very beautiful kind。

The only thing she was somewhat puzzled by the wind Lee actually took two other woman’s hand,I have to know that these two women are big than Li.。
Before she is still thinking about the boss of Liu Xu, what kind of man is cheaper?,I didn’t expect it to be my son.。
As Zhao Xiaoling she is a girl feels good,Sometimes go mountain farm help。
Every time Zhao Xiaoling go,Will cause many men eyebrows,Also of her business will be much better。
But see this situation tonight,It’s a great time to be a woman.,She just kept telling。
“mom,But I came back for dinner with daughter。”
Aloud together three women,Qiaosheng Sheng Lee is standing beside the wind。
See Wang Jing are stupefied。
“Good,Acquaintance,Be indoors sit,Be indoors sit,I’m going to give you more than a few fried dishes。”
Said Wang Jing Lee will direct the wind took it and went out。
Go out,Wang Jing is directly to get started。
Lee Road twisted ears of the wind:“You want the kid is mad at me?
You do it a worthy of any of them?”
“Before I tell you a fine,A fine,Now this is all you want to ah?”
“You said,Who are you going to marry?
How to marry?”
Speech,Li Hui also felt that his ear was twisted down.。
Immediately Tonghu the Road:“mom,Pain,I listen to me first.,You did not listen to me.。”
“it is good,What do you say。”
Lee immediately put the wind is said about their own situation。
Wang Jing Li listened to the words of the wind,Also reluctantly nodded his head and said:“You are quite a lot of kid ghost ideas.,But they age, older than you, right?”
“Um,Daddy,And I have a stock life,They will forever youthful。”
“Humph,Your business I didn’t want to manage it.,But too much of it you this?
Our village old village do not you have a daughter?”
“It was also introduced in the next village people,I gave you a push several,You all of a sudden this kid brought back three,Let me have some memenrators,I do not know call in advance to say?”
Wang Jing said the wind out with Lee,Three women inside the house is sitting on the sofa Qiaosheng Sheng。
Shou industry also did not expect his son so much。

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