“Zhang Lao,You wait……”

Old man Zhang is proud,“This kid,Still tender。The old man knew you would stop me。”
All of a sudden,Walk back fast,I took out a checkbook from my pocket,Quickly signed 6 million promissory notes。
Chen Xiu looked at the amount he wrote down,Talk and stop。
Ok,The old man hard fortress gave himself five million,It would be inappropriate to accept it。
“Give you,Six million。”
Zhang Lao stuffed the check into Chen Xiu’s hand,Pick up the Xuande furnace and run,I’m afraid Chen Xiu will regret it。
I’ve been watching Mr. Zhang get on a Bentley waiting outside after walking away,Chen Xiucai wakes up like a dream。
Special,One stove will return the three million of the shop under the market,Still earn 3 million more。
What’s more enjoyable than picking up leaks。
“boss,What’s your order?”
Chen Xiu put all the cash on his body more than two thousand yuan,Copy them all out and stuff them into Song Shihe’s hands。
“Your bonus。”
“bonus?”Turquoise and some accidents,“Boss, I only went to work the first day,Bonus?”
“Too much,give me back。”
“want,not much……Not much at all。”
Although Song Shihe has a low IQ,Really not stupid about money,Quickly put the money into my pocket with a smile。

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