Have lunch,This time seems to be too early!

too difficult!
“Brother Xiao Fan,what do you mean,You are already lighting me up in the restaurant right now?”When Shen Xiaoya asked Xiao Fan these words,To tell the truth, she had fun and luck。
She even hoped that Xiao Fan was just asking her out for dinner,As for Xiao Fan,,He is not in the restaurant。
In this case,Couldn’t I ask Brother Xiao Fan to pick me up??
“Yes indeed,I am already in the restaurant,And it’s the private room where we ate together last time,If you are fine,Come here quickly,But,If you have something,You can do your business first,I can wait for you here。”Xiao Fan said。
After saying this,Even Xiao Fan feels a little shameless,He actually has a pun on what Liu Chunlan has learned。
Words spoken,Always leave two paths for yourself or the other person,Because in Xiao Fan’s opinion,Actually like this,There is nothing wrong,after all,In this case,If things can’t go according to their own ideas,At least whether it’s yourself,Or the other side,Never feel too embarrassed。
Xiao Fan’s words,Just let Shen Xiaoya on the phone feel hopeless,Not only hopeless,It’s like a basin of cold water poured directly on my head。
Because if Xiao Fan is already waiting for him in the restaurant,So now she can’t let Xiao Fan come to pick her up,I have to speed up and go to the restaurant Xiao Fan said。
Thus,I have lost a lot of time alone with Brother Xiao Fan,And also make myself busy。
Really bad news。
“Xiaoya,Xiaoya,Are you still listening?”Xiao Fan noticed that on the other end of the phone, after he finished speaking to her,It’s been a long time since I heard the voice from the other party。
so,This situation caused Xiao Fan to think that his phone had been hung up by Shen Xiaoya。
Although I know Eshen Xiaoya’s temperament in Xiao Fan’s heart,I will never hang up my phone,but,Because there was no sound from the phone for a long time,so,Xiao Fan still took the phone from his ear very suspiciously。
Make sure with your own eyes whether your phone is really hung up by Shen Xiaoya。
Wait until you see that the call records of the two people are still in the call,Xiao Fan was also relieved,As long as it’s not for Shen Xiaoya to hang up her phone, everything is fine。
and so,Xiao Fan only appeared in the scene just now,Called Shen Xiaoya directly to the phone。
Where’s Shen Xiaoya on the phone?,Also after hearing Xiao Fan’s calls,I got back to my mind immediately。

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