But this also shows,This year’s seed contest is very special,In the eyes of some giants,Every inch of land must compete,Absolutely not to be missed。

“It turned out to be my own!Ha ha!We are actually a team from Bairimen!Our team name is Shiramon Aoki team!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
This remark,The one hundred people on the opposite side were all stunned。
Are these three also arranged by the boss behind the scenes?It seems to make sense!Otherwise, why are they also called Bairimen??
“fart!Don’t listen to their nonsense!He is Wu Hao!The boss confessed,Must kill this guy!”Sorgensey’s face changed,Yelled。
“Kill me?Shouldn’t!Aren’t you from the day gate?Is my enemy?Oh!I understand,You were sold by Prince Ning’s Mansion, right??”Lu Menglin continued to say with a smile。
His guess,Basically correct。The hundred people in front of you,It was really arranged by Prince Ning’s Palace。
These people are under the leadership of the evil axe Sogensi,There are three tasks to complete。
The first task is to get the right to qualify,Become one of the top ten seeded teams,Clearing obstacles for the seed team of Ning Palace,Probability of winning one more point。
Second task,Is to kill Wu Hao in a big team battle,Revenge for the Ning Palace,At the same time, it saves a lot of bonus bonus。
third,To seize the Chiyue equipment from that team,For the next battle,Improve strength。
“kill!Kill him for me!”The ghost and axe Sorgensi guessed his identity and origin in a few words by the guy in front of him,Feel guilty,I dare not let him go on,I had to wave my hand,Murder。
Facing those red eyes,The ferocious seed warriors,Lu Menglin was not at all afraid,Instead put his hands in his pockets,Put on a very chic posture,Said with a smile:“Ignorance!You people,Do you really know what Bairimen is??”
“Chop them!”Lu Menglin shook his head,Smile faintly,Casually ordered。
The voice has not fallen,Tu Shanming is already full of light,Rushed up。
Everyone is around 40,But he rushed to nearly a hundred opponents of the same level alone,This bravery,Rare in the world!
“I am invincible!”Tu Shanming this time,Finally shouted his mantra loudly in front of the array。
Him at the moment,Majestic,Has urged the forty-level light pattern power to the extreme,Shining silver all over,Like the unparalleled god of war descended from heaven。
and,His whole body skin showed a strange blood red,That’s the performance of over-exerting the power of the secret medicine,The tyrannical physique of the god nation,Under the stimulation of the secret medicine,The ghost knows how much potential he can achieve。
Pause time,Everyone’s attention was attracted by Tu Shanming’s courage and sudden explosion。

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