Liu Guangyi’s words directly confused Chen Daoming on the side,What’s the matter with everyone,It seems that everyone is afraid of the young people in front of them!
His father,This is the case with the Chen Family Patriarch,After mentioning Xia Chenglong, he showed admiration in his words,And his father’s meaning is very clear,If you encounter Bencheng,Direct abstention。
For those who have traveled outside,For Chen Daoming, who absolutely controls desires for new things,It’s terrible。
The Wang family, who was still noisy before, stopped talking,The battle the day before yesterday looked fierce,Also brought a very good performance to the audience。
But Chen Daoming can feel,The royal family has no intention of fighting,It seems that the opponent is happy to lose the game,Get them into the top three。
Even Liu Guangyi is the same now,I knew that the man who could not martial arts in front of him was as famous as his elder brother,Can’t find the third master in the North Sea,I gave up my position today。
Xia Chenglong’s simple answer,I feel comfortable with Liu Guangyi’s humble applause for himself。
Liu Guangyi is the Liu family,He should cheer for the Liu family,It’s just why the other party didn’t say a word from Liu Jiasheng,As if he has nothing to do with the Liu family。
These are surprising to Chen Daoming,But if he was also the night before“Haiyue Club”,And I have seen and estimated the most interesting theory in the North Sea,There would be no such thoughts!
Liu Guangyi to Xia Chenglong,In absolute admiration from all aspects。
“Everyone is so yaxing,This is the first time I saw the little girl,Before the fight,The contestants are still standing together and talking and laughing.。”

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