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"Learning Strong Country" is the most authoritative and comprehensive information platform for Xi Jinping’s new era. Through this platform, every party can receive in-depth learning and implementation of the important deployment, practice activities and practical effects of the 19th National Spirit of China Characteristics and Party, which helps to improve their political quality and Business skills. At the same time, the party organizations can fully understand new experiences and new initiatives in the country’s grassroots party construction across the country, which helps experience exchange and learning.

In order to facilitate the study of party members on the platform, the Ministry of Science and Technology is in cooperation with the Central Propaganda Department, using UNICEF’s voice broadcast and other technologies to empower "learning power" app.

The party committee of the Ministry of Science, the party member, the party membership, to form a technical team of the backbone, to overcome the technical difficulties, and put the "small speaker" for the "learning power" app in two months, so that the news content of the "learning power" app is implemented The voice broadcast, let more than 9 million party members can learn the central spirit and news reports when they can listen to the "field floor". At present, the 6-bit voice broadcast host has been launched, and the APP registered users more than 100 million, and nearly 80 million will live. The "strong companion" of the voice broadcast is the biggest advantage of party members comrades. The audio broadcast traffic is not used, and the medium memory space is small; breaking the time and space limit, reasonable use of fragmentation time learning. On the way, in the subway, bus, running, just want to learn, anytime, anywhere, you can put it into exclusive personal immersive learning. The page lasts a simple little speaker, behind the artificial intelligence industry of Kobe, "top-standing place", is also an important attempt to promote party building in the use of artificial intelligence to promote the party. Not only that, in April 2021, UNICEF also launched the "Xunfei Health" intelligent guide platform, using voice interactions, natural language understanding, medical cognitive intelligence and reasoning, helping users can help users You can go to the doctor online, let the patient go to the road, let the doctor accurate consultation, let professional health knowledge tentacles and … It is worth mentioning that compared to regular Internet hospitals, "Xunfei Health" application with voice interaction For the main, text exchanges, providing convenience for patients who are inconvenient to typing, greatly reduced the threshold of smart medical resources.

UNICEF and learning strong country to make technology "photo into".

At the same time as the party construction, the digital divide is reduced, let artificial intelligence like water and electricity to all aspects of our Pulong mass life, so that artificial intelligence enlighten us, practice "good world with artificial intelligence" Corporate mission. (Delivery unit: Boardian Xunfei South Co., Ltd. Party Committee).

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