857 Exorcism
Chen Xiu can’t help but circle,Hundreds of apertures condensed around me at once。
“Promise cut!”
All the apertures are cut to the white tiger ancestor who is still in the smoke,Before Wuji Slash arrived, he brought up a strong gas to blow away the smoke,I saw that the ancestor of the white tiger after the explosion was not stained with any dust on his clothes,It can be seen how terrifying his eighth rank Qi wall defense is。
Seeing the sharp aperture cut to myself,The ancestor of the white tiger is finally a little moved,Raise both hands,A cyan wall of air rises again in front of me。
More than ten infinite chopped circles in front hit the air wall,The Promise Slash was all shaken to nothing!
“Grandma’s,Promise Slash is useless!”
When Chen Xianxian wants to despair,Take a look,The wall of air in front of the ancestor Baihu turned blue slowly。
“Not useless,My Wuji Slash is weakening his qi wall!”
Chen Xiu double palm launch,Speed up the remaining Promise Slash and all hit the blue gas wall,For a while“Bang、Bang、Bang……”Thunder-like impact,Wuji Slash is dissipated by the knock,And the blue air wall is constantly weakening。

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