488 ideal、quantum、Late apology
Guo Xiaoyi didn’t choose either place,The last family was taken to Nanluoguxiang。
For little girls, this existing lively business atmosphere,The old alley with ancient charm is obviously more attractive。
Of course for Guo Jianfeng and Han Qian,It doesn’t matter where you go,Naturally it’s the child’s mind。
It’s point,When the alley is light, it is naturally divided into two groups,Three young people walking in front,Skip the uninterested storefront,Two adults followed and strolled around。
After all, the age is different,The shops I like to visit are also different。
Young people like to go shopping,All kinds of specialty food shops have to stop and stay for a while,The two grown-ups are in shops selling various specialty products。
no way,Now what the Guo family said is also the leading affluent family in the school,It’s no secret that I came to Beijing this time,Come out here,Colleagues who meet every day,School leaders,You still have to bring some souvenirs。
It doesn’t matter how much you spend,The key is a mind。
Of course this is good too,Gave the three children plenty of time to exchange feelings。
“Xiaoyi,What do you want to do?Have any ideas?”While waiting to fry cheese,Wang Yufei asked Guo Xiaoyi。
“Yes!”Guo Xiaoyi didn’t even think about it,Then replied。
“Oh?Talk about?”Wang Yufei immediately spoke。
It’s indeed time to consider Guo Xiaoyi’s future。
After all, Guo Xiaoyi will be the eldest child of sophomore,And he’s already an adult like him,From the perspective of being a brother,It’s an age to think about the future。
But paying attention to this issue is not just to help my sister determine the goal,In Wang Yufei’s opinion,Understand Guo Xiaoyi’s thoughts,He can also prepare as soon as possible to help her clear the obstacles in the future。
simply put,Let Guo Xiaoyi get started with what she wants to do in the future easier。

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