Then shook the headway:“It should be impossible,They are similar to me.,Basically, there is water that is not causing each other.。”

“hehe,In addition, there is a big enough cake.?
A person can’t eat,The three people just have just good.?”
Li Hui said this problem when he came.。
After all, it is necessary to pay more about Jin Xijie to see more than one wave.。
Seems to,People who want to eat this big cake in Jin Xijie do not stop one。
Nie Yang heard this analysis of Li Hui,Brain a mess。
This kind of thing he has never considered。
Have been subjected to a few people from Jin Xijie with Lu Xijie,He has no sense of crisis.,Even some comfort。
Or don’t you break the tin?。
Every day is exercise,Then I will appreciate all kinds of beauty。
Although he also exercised,But the body has been hollowed out.。
Suddenly be reminded by Li Hui,He found the biggest crisis that was him.。
“Lee Boss,Three things are really a,Then I really can’t stand it.。”
“I know!”
Li Hui Feng saw the flustered color in the eyes of Nie Yang, and there were many things in the opponent’s heart.。
“Lee Boss,They added three,I feel that it is better to make it.,After all, this year and gas management,Good to be good。”
“hehe,Nie Lao Big,You are also a boss,Don’t you have a fruit of victory by others??”
Don’t say this is okay,Let this say this,Nie Yang is somewhat awkward。
“I have been grabbed once.,The feeling of my heart may be much better than before.,Maybe I have seen a lot。”
Put in this way,Nie Yang is also unbelievable。
It’s all the big squares say these。
Li Hui Feng did not expect the other party to see what things would be so open.。
“Do not worry,The three people can also stop.,You will do your job in your point.。”
Li Hui has originally wanted to give it to the other side.,But I thought that the other person just said,Sorry will give up。
After all, some people have some things.,It’s really good to be angry.。
“Lee Boss,I advise you or give up,Counter a few more than a bad,You have to think that they will use force to solve with you.,Then you may be wrong.。”
“They are not forceless,Unless you can’t get it, you will use force.。”
Nie Yang’s words,Let Li speak with the wind.。
“Then you feel that they must be united.,How should I deal with me??”
“It is definitely using yin,Zhengda bright moves they will not use。”
I immediately analyzed Li Hui.。
Li Rongfeng also nodded:“Row,Then, I am coming here.,You are responsible for,I am responsible for。”
Nie Yang, I thought Li Hui, I didn’t give him a little power.,It seems that he thinks more.,His original rights are still still。
Just when I have been discussing with Li Hui。
Nie Yang suddenly received a call from Gong Hongyu。
Gong Hongyu once is one of his best in his hand.,After you follow Jin Xijie,Gong Hongyu is also a burst of burden。
For this point,He is also a little flourishing。

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