Fuming frowned and asked:“What do you mean?”

“Whether it’s evil beasts or you humans,FromDLevel breakthrough toCLevel is,This is a gap,Countless people died on this breakthrough road”
Fuming’s eyes shrank suddenly。
“Want to break throughCLevel is not just a support that requires a lot of energy,More importantly, we must portray attributes on our own genetic lock,A little carelessness will destroy your own genes,Not to mention distracting to do other things while absorbing energy!”
“Characterize in your own genetic lock?Isn’t that the same as using a knife on the gene lock?!”
“Hehe,Almost mean,Now for you this is the only thing to worry about,After all, your gene lock has ten such attribute containers,In other words, you need to pay 10 times the effort of others!”Long Yuan’s tone is very solemn。
“But don’t worry too much,You can avoid many detours with me,I will help you then!”
“Hey,I can rest assured that”Fuming suddenly laughed,I also feel relieved。
Long Yuan shook his head helplessly“Ugh,Do your best,No more,I should rest,But I remind you,This time you play,It’s better not to use attributes,Otherwise, don’t blame me for being caught by others for experimentation!”
Fuming nodded fiercely“understand,I have a sense of measure!”
“Yep,I’ll have a rest”After that, Longyuan fell silent,Fuming tidy up the clothes,Then set off to the square。
In a cave in the deep forest far away from Lianfeng Town,Several bad eaters are talking。

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