to be honest,The people who are afraid of Jinzhou escape to Jingzhou。

“Report,Li Yuchang,Xiangyang’s emergency military situation!”
Li Mu, who is reading a book in the study,I heard the shouts of the leaders outside the door.,Sudden heart。
“Can’t write,It is a handyman who can send people to the general.?”
Lead said anxiously。However, Li Mu is not a matter,He doesn’t care.,Place the book on the table,Looking at the drums of sweating DC asked:“Oh?Can you speak what a shit??”
Li Mu’s tone is full of contempt。
“He said that Yanyang has been besieged by Qi Jun.,It is necessary to break the city.。”
The pro soldiers wiped the cold sweat on the forehead.。
He is also tired enough to run this road.。
“Particorn,Should have returned,Right?”
Li Mu asked a sentence“nonsense”。
The pro-team is first,More to the head:“Trushen God,Really。”
“Bitter meat,This can go to me when I am fool。”
Li Mu disdain,Schematically。
When he is only one of him in the study room.,Li Mu sighed。
“People’s mind,This Golden State,Can’t stand。”
Zhou Guo’s collapse,Overall,Global,From internal affairs to military,in all aspects。It’s like Yang Jian’s way of rejuvenating the North Zhou to establish the Sui Dynasty.。
Collapse is not the result of two days a day,It is a node that is tired of the daily month.,Then suddenly crash。
Cracking of the national system,Xian Chen’s accident death,Dark land of a wild heart,Everything,It’s all track。
Just as Gao Baoyi teaches Zheng Minmin when he said,Yushu’s reform is correct,Wrong is the era of his place。
Licking dogs, is good, good,Unfortunately, they are more than half of the sea and the slag.,Same thing,Situation,Effect and results,It is often the opposite。
Yu Yu is encountered this problem.。
Abolition,Shelter,Push the temple,Let the monks still,Increase the population of national books,These things,No one is wrong。
only,External military pressure,Make a lot of reforms,Not active,Instead, it destroyed the original unity。
When you are fighting,Stripes are returned to state,Battle power distribution,Is this the progress of the times??of course,God’s governor,Strictly implement this system。When you are fighting,Everyone is not willing to clean the battlefield,No one is in the field.。
Can you say that this is not an advance??Yu Yu did wrong??He is right,only,The severe military challenge facing Zhou Country,This system makes this system,Becomes a humor。
But the army,So the system of military promotion upgrade,No advantage。But the disadvantage is amplified,Because,From the front of the eight column, the hometown,Can fight with Gaohuan,Plundered a lot of trophy and population,No need to pay to Yetai。
They are going to fight this,Seeing as a family。Turning over the history book,West Wei’s military decision-making capacity,The Wei Gao is a big cross-section。
Subjective initiative,Is it can’t be used。And now,The new benefit is temporarily not seen,But the biggest benefits before,But it has disappeared。How do you let those people who take the soldiers??
It is weak,Coupled with the upper army class“Do not work”,So Yu Hao can trust,Only those of the preparation of the soldiers who personally promote。
It is equivalent to cutting off his arms.。
some of,It includes Weixi Li,Naturally, Li Mu。
Li Mu knows that you can do it to the heart?Of course he knows!If you don’t know,Will not let such a person,Going to the forefront of the front!
He will be able to schedule it in Fuyang,Just want to see if this is, will not sell。

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