And Li Hui is not married,Calculating Li Hui Feng 100% belonging to a good candidate。

“Master,I want to let the sweet sister go to the restaurant in our village to help look at the decoration.,By the way, the boss there,Sweet sister is not willing。”
You make sweets to be boss,What do you do??”
Liu Zhiming did not expect that Li Hui Feng will be so generous.,Let’s let Liu Xu as a boss。
The size of the hotel he knows。
How many times more than the town is not known to this hotel。
If it is profitable,That income is nature, it is not the town of such a hotel.。
But he is also a little curious.,Li Hui Feng put the hotel to let Liu Xu,Not afraid of Liu Xu Sweet slowly turn the hotel into its own?
“Hey-hey,Master,I am going to go outside.!Can you always keep the 30 acres of the 30th place??”
This exit,Li Hui’s obvious looks like Liu Xium’s delicate body and shake it.。
Liu Zhiming naturally saw it.。
“Xiao Li,You just have to go out?
It’s basically not coming back.?”
Li Hui has not spoken,Willow sweets are already full of tears,Just have been strong, not flowing out。
See this scene,Li Hui also scared a jump。
“Sweet sister,What is this?,I am going out to develop, I will definitely take you with Master.,How do you cry?。”
“And I am going out for better development in the future.!”
“As for the number of round trips, it should be a week.!”
Liu Zhiming heard that Li Hui said that it is also loose.。
But Liu Xu is directly twisted.。
See this scene,Li Hui Feng also chased it directly。
“Sweet sister,What’s wrong with you?
I didn’t say it back.!”
Willow sweetness does not answer,Directly ran away from the woods on the bank。
Li Hui is afraid that the other side has a flash,Also hurry up。
Inside the grove。
Li Hui Hui took the other party。
“Sweet sister,You reply,You don’t return this,Let me panic in my heart.。”
Liu Xujian is also stopped at this time.,Looking up to Li Hui。
“Is telling the truth with my sister,Are you really good for my feelings??”
This question is exported,Li Hui is stunned.。

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