“Thank you very much this time.,I really don’t know.,The licorice tablets will be addictive,If you meet you?,I have been dangerous.。”Rosen said that his hand is tight.,I am grateful in my eyes.。

Liu Qianqian said very grateful:“Yes,We almost give yourself a big trouble.,When he drunk this medicine,I still feel very good.,Cheap,I really didn’t think that the licorice tablets were more dangerous.。”
“Good medicine,Also。This time is a long lesson.,I will get a disease later.,Don’t let yourself eat,To do under the guidance of a doctor。”Zhou Ye smiled,He is very clear,They will firmly remember their words.,After all, eat a long one,What’s more, this lesson is so heavy。
“We will definitely say thank you.。”Roathen said very sincerely。
Although Zhou Ye has already said it is a few people,But the husband and wife are still very stubborn, thank you.,He remembered the night that just met their night.,Liu Qianqian accused Luo Ziming too strong,It seems that they both,Really, the old saying:“Not a family,Don’t enter a door。”
Send them to the gate,Zhou Ye turned back to the office,Continue his journey。
Doctors,Road is long,He will continue to seek,Continue to go forward。
Zhou Ye watched the exclamation mark that suddenly appeared on the emergency computer……
“My day,Is there any patient??”
Sure enough,The nurses standing is called for a while.。
“Dr. Zhou,A child cough is fever.。”
“Cough,Poor,Let us emergency,Does the pediatrics have emergency??”
“People’s pediatrics feel that it is a medical problem?,Let the first emergency screen。”
“Screen?I am afraid to be lazy.。”
Zhou Ye’s head,Almost want to complain this pediatric。
But the obstacles and complaints in the eyes are unconscious and scattered.。
“Just do something well.。”
Medical road is long.,Save the wound,If
Roshen said:“Yes,I have been a long time.,Almost in the past few years,But it’s a burst of,I have brought cough when I habled.。”
“Why do you have such a long cough?,I have not written on your medical record.,Have you sent it to the hospital??”Zhou Niwu’s tone becomes more serious。
Roating realized that the problem is not small,I quickly replied:“I have been doing coughing a few years ago.ct,There is no problem,Some doctors say that I am bronchitis,I have opened some cough medicine, I will find medicine.,The effect that has been eating recently is not bad.,There is no dry cough over time.,These two days have started again。”
“Which kind of cough medicine do you drink??”Zhou Ye asked,The last question is found in his concealed blood pressure.,His intuition tells himself,This may also be like this this time。
“A very common medicine,Licorice,very cheap,More than 100 medicines,As long as a few dollars,So I have been drinking。”Rosheng said a face confusing,He doesn’t think there is any problem with the licorice.。
“what?Compound licorice tablets??”Zhou Niwu asked excitedly。
“Yep,That is called this,Flavor,I really have a little hard to swallow at the beginning.,But time long can accept,After all, this medicine is really good.。”Rosuming replied,He still doesn’t know why doctors are interested in this licorice, which is considered to be very ordinary.。
“How many pieces do you usually eat??You think about it.,Tell me a specific point。”Zhou Ye continued to ask。
“This is not good,Generally, five pieces,three times a day,But if coughing,I will increase the dose,Ten eight pieces have,But this is very little。”Roating answers this way。
“Which doctor lets you eat so much,I remember that the specification has clearly written up for a maximum of fifteen pieces.,You eat so,Affirmation will have a big problem。”Zhou Yewu’s tone is more excited。
“This is not ordinary cough medicine.,How can I get a big problem?,I didn’t understand the manual,Doctors have not told me that I can’t eat more. I feel more effect, it is definitely better.,So, I will do the main quantity.。”Roating is also excited,He doesn’t understand how the doctor pinching this ordinary cough medicine does not let go。

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