First106chapter Pit me?Then don’t blame me for cheating you

Until this moment when Chen Geng put all this before his eyes,Bernard found out that he had committed an extremely stupid、It’s a stupid mistake:I underestimated this kid,Extremely seriously underestimated。
What Fernandez thought of,I, an elite who has been doing marketing for many years, never thought,For example, if this lawsuit is opened,,What a huge negative impact on Ford。
If this lawsuit really starts,Bernard has no doubt that Ford’s colleagues and competitors will put their hands in their sleeves while watching the excitement,By the way, take a chance to kick Ford hard——If there is a chance,Then pour more pots of manure on Ford,Make Ford stinking longer。
Really reached that point,The result facing Ford is really like what Fernandez said,The loss is huge and it cannot be recovered by millions of dollars,In order to rebuild their corporate image,Ford will have to spend many additional years、Use hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars to do this。
Once Ford executives really listened to their advice,Intend to take this one from Fernandez“Beast”the design of,And Fernandez really intends to fight Ford in a three-to-five year lawsuit……
Bernard shivered suddenly:Ford shareholders never mind letting themselves disappear into the world silently.。
“Figured it out?”Chen Geng’s smiling way:“One more reminder,Guess,When Fernandez’s company didn’t have much money,Will there be enthusiastic people,For example, a famous American barrister announced to help us fight this lawsuit for free?”
Bernard’s face instantly turned pale!
He understands what Fernandez means,Lawyers all over the world are“All to the money”of,But if someone is willing to help Fernandez pay the lawyer’s fees,These big lawyers don’t mind“For justice”Help Fernandez in a lawsuit。
As for whether Ford will become irritated by it,Directly let Chen Geng’s silent world evaporate,Then even more impossible,Because the design of the exterior and interior is not as good as one’s own will kill each other?Everyone does it,How can I play happily together in the future??
But Bernard is one of the few business elites in the world,He took a deep breath:“and so,As long as the conditions are right,Fernandez is still willing to cooperate with Ford Motor Company,Right?”
“of course,”Chen Geng nodded,It took so much effort,I finally got rid of this guy’s arrogance:“As long as it is based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit,Fernandez is willing to cooperate with any company。”
“OK,”Bernard pointed to the car in front of him“Beast”To Chen Geng:“Don’t mind if i take a few photos?”
“Of course, no problem,but……”Looking at Bernard,Chen Geng“Kind”Reminded:“I hope Ford can give me a reply before the end of this exhibition,Is this okay??”
“why?”Bernard frowned,Although he was given a severe lesson by the other party,But this does not mean that Chen Geng is qualified to speak to himself in this tone。

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