“It’s that simple?”Bill·Ford doesn’t believe it。

“It’s that simple。”Chen Geng nodded affirmatively。
“If it’s just like this……”
Bill·Ford laughed:“Then i wait。”
A few days later,atAMCWhen the workers jumped up and down to take advantage of the election of the union chairman to choose a union chairman who can benefit them,A gossip began to circulate quietly among the workers:The group is going to lay off staff!
Like a bolt from the sun,AMC’S workers were immediately confused:The group is going to lay off staff?
For workers,The worst case is naturally layoffs,Layoffs,It means that I have lost my source of income,Although it looks likeAMCSuch a large enterprise,Must follow the national policy,Provide adequate compensation to employees who are laid off,Even provide job training,But if you can,Why should i be laid off?
And in all manufacturing industries,Hourly wages in the automotive industry are high、Benefits are counted and good,And most of the production workshops are constant temperature workshops,Even in places with harsh working conditions such as engine foundries,There will be special job subsidies……Have such good benefits and income,Who wants to be laid off?
After a panic,The first reaction of the workers was to ask the team leader if the company really planned to lay off employees,But how could the group leader know this??But it doesn’t matter,Team leaders who are also worried that they will be laid off,Immediately to their superiors such as the workshop director、The supervisor inquires about the situation。
From the workshop director、The news that the supervisors heard made the team leaders a little confused,Someone firmly stated that they hadn’t heard the news,But there are also ambiguous attitudes、Said that I seemed to have heard a little wind,But what is going on,I’m not sure,I’m asking about the situation with the leader above……
But such vague news makes the workers more uneasy:Is this going to be layoffs or not??
In the break,The workers discussed and exchanged information in a low voice……
“It must be layoffs,The company hasn’t announced it yet,Isn’t the reason clear?,They just want to lay off our workers in the shortest time。”

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