Shi Yuqing smiled:“Why not go out,She doesn’t like to go out in the cold of winter,Why don’t our mothers like to stop by?!”

The old lady didn’t come back at noon,Yang Weidong is not here either,The other brothers asked about them,The old man distracted,“Went to your aunt’s house,Hurry up to eat!”
in the afternoon,The old lady came back beaming,Yang Weidong followed behind without any expression。
“Became。”She showed off to the old man as soon as she walked in,“That girl is a thief, Zhou Zheng,Much better than that widow head orchid。”
Yang Weidong frowned unhappy,“mom,Don’t keep talking about bringing one。”Said her girl looks good,What do you have to do with Lanzi??
The old lady glared at him,“You look at your unpromising look!Lanzi is such a fart?Looks like that widowed husband,You just want to marry someone,No one can do you……”
The old man licked the pipe pot in his hand,“Don’t say it’s useless,Lanzi is not good, she is also the daughter of the captain,Do you want to be better after these spreads??”
The old lady snorted,Blink of an eye and full of joy:“Fangcao’s child not only looks good,It’s still solid,You can give birth to a big fat boy at a glance,”She glanced out proudly,Only the three of them and no one else heard this and she still felt a little regretful,“And ah,People are also neat,Came in later,Custody can control that hooves!”
Yang Weidong’s brows frowned again,“mom,You say she just say,What are you really doing?How can she marry our family badly these days?”
Heard him scream affectionately,The old lady’s eyes are now triangular,“Yo drink,When did you know her so well and you were named,That name is yours?I can tell you the boss,Don’t you……wrong,I ask you,Did that Sao Hu Zi go hooking on you again??what——”The old lady trembles with anger at the thought of this,I don’t know what to do,“I said she looked honestly,It turned out to be waiting for me,I bother,A slut,Don’t spread……”
Chapter Thirty Six Suspicion
After Yang Weidong finished speaking, he realized that he had made a mistake,He annoyed that he could bite off his tongue,Seeing the old lady scolding and picking up broom bumps,

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