Teenager staring,If you can see skyfire in your eyes,I can burn this ugly and arrogant fellow to ashes,But unfortunately in the opponent’s domain,The boy can’t do anything。

“Son of a bitch,You are cruel,Finally ask you,What are your new discoveries in the void?”
“Why i tell you?”
“I am fucking you!”The teenager spit out blood,But I have no choice but to face such a freak,Even Li Tan is obedient like a dog,He is really powerless。
Big eyeballs didn’t pay attention to him at all,On the right wall‘Eye of Prophecy’Restored to its original appearance,prior to,As if nothing happened。
Juvenile knows,Showdown with Big Eyeball today,Make the other party suddenly alert,I will be very sad in the future,His pain is that he can’t touch the other party’s established trajectory,According to the tone of this fellow,The free world will be destroyed very fast,Even far beyond expectations,What’s next?
Three days down,The mental state of the teenager is extremely poor,Especially after being hit hard by the big eyeballs,Nightmares,Every time is a free world, blood flows into a river、The scene of the final collapse and destruction,Young people often fail to save,Always regret,But hard to change。
The boy knows that big eyes are fucking him,Trying to completely destroy him mentally,And this is just the beginning,If he can’t accurately judge the ultimate purpose of this fellow,Will always be so passive,As for the foundation stone,It seems that he can only hold it with his hands like this。
The main peak square is full of guards,Like an enemy,The teenager turned a blind eye,Under inquiry,Golden Crow Sacred Palace is still in retreat,Inconvenience to bother,So stroll around the main peak square,Look up at the huge whirlpool of temple debris,Suddenly felt,He seems to have caught something。
Chapter One Two Hundred Forty One Zhen Guo Tianzun
Big Eyeball once took him to the depths of the void,I saw a mysterious place full of white light once discovered by Huo Tianzun。
The reason is mysterious,First of all this place is dazzling and beautiful,But can’t see anything clearly,Secondly, this white space is very powerful,Contains extremely terrifying energy,Even big eyes don’t want to come close,once again,This place gives the teenager an inexplicable sense of familiarity,Very useful but also very scared。
This kind of ambivalence is seen through by big eyes,Then said a word,“Don’t look at it so good now,Actually very evil。of course,The place where you and I used to be is a hundred times more evil than it,You are afraid it is normal。”
Juvenile puzzled,Ask each other,The big eyeball laughed at himself,“Claiming to be able to nurture everything,Is actually a robber,Laozi spent his whole life,Also expose the other side of it。But now there is a way?And I’m patient enough,See you soon,Still i am faster?”
Big eyes full of hatred,Not good intentions yet、Staring at the teenager unscrupulously,As if he was the robber、douchebag,This makes the young man useless,Confused,But the other party no longer has any explanation。

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