“Aunt told me this,What do you want me to do?”Zhu Minglang is more confused。

The identity of the Li Nan sisters,Zhu Minglang probably knows something,They are descendants of Shen Ji,It is estimated to be the oldest,At the same time, a family with extremely strong spiritual potential,Blessed,And inherited from generation to generation……
But Zhu Xuehen suddenly said that he and them are similar people,This makes Zhu Minglang confused。
Is it possible that Zhu Xuehen is also a descendant of Shen Ji,Was the first to create the Dragon Mulong Master,Or the direct descendants of the ancestors who got the apocalypse and became the mortal?
They are very talented,Superior pedigree,The speed of cultivation is much faster than everyone else??
“Stay away from them。”
Zhu Xuehen finished this sentence,I won’t say more,Walk along that path towards the river。
“That aunt always looks like I never knew each other,Is this also the reason?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“Yes。”Zhu Xuehen replied。
“That is not bad,I thought I disappointed you。”
“Also disappointed,May you one day you can see my true cultivation,You are qualified to listen to some words。”
Zhu Minglang looked at Zhu Xuehen’s back。
Too proud!
Change to someone who doesn’t know,I thought I was a feud with her。
Anyway, I used to get along with relatives day and night。
just,What did Zhu Xuehen tell herself??
They are like people??

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