As for why I will write love books,Li Hui’s own is a bit。

Thud I saw that the other party is like a mermaid.,Then a slave did not see people。
See this scene,Li Hui rushed to the wind and also a slainer to go downstream.。
But I haven’t waited for him to lash.,I actually take a blister directly in front of it.。
what Xu Yingying saw Li Hui Feng in the Central Big River.,The reaction is screaming,Then I will kick the legs next to Li.。
But in the water, she has no power at all.,Instead, the white feet,The smooth jade leg rubbed Li with the wind, let Li speak a different feeling with the wind.。
“Don’t call,it’s me,I am Li Hui Feng.。”
I saw Xu Yingying and kicked it.,Li Hui’s own dodge,Now he doesn’t have any difference in the land in the water.,I want to avoid it, it is easy.。
Just see the other party still wants to call,He pulled the other party directly.,Then use the big hand to block the other hand from behind.。
Xu Yingying feels the feeling of being sticked by men behind men in the water.,Where else, I still listen to Li Hui Feng.,Directly bite it。
hiss Li Hui rushed to release,Then bypass front of the other party。
“It’s really me.。”
Looking at Li Hui’s constant squatting painful,Xu Yingying couldn’t help but think of her to pay for the other party.。
“Humph,Live,Who makes you like a hooligan。”
“I do not have,I am just giving a bath to take a shower.,Just encountered you,Everything happens。”
For this explanation,Xu Yingying is believed,After all, she didn’t give her to the other party.。
But she didn’t want to make the other party.。
“Such a big river,How do you get rid??
Say,Are you tracking me??”
Dragonfly is shameful by Xu Yingying,Li Hui Feng is found that the other party is more beautiful than the junior high school.,And that kind of inflammation is more full of charm。
Although the other party is just a neck in the water,But he can still be water in the clear river.,Looking at the changing figure in the water。
A few years,The other party is not only more beautiful than before.,It’s the body is actually open.。
Where to see??
Sure enough, I have followed me.,I want to play rogue to this big lady.,Yes or no?”
“No,I just want to take a shower.。”
Xu Yingying a burst,Li Hui Feng also quickly collapsed his eyes,But he has a bit of a little couldn’t help but wanted to see a few eyes in the water.。
And I saw that Li Hui Feng, I want to steal, but I don’t dare to steal.,Xu Yingying’s first time with Li Hui Feng fusing。
“Humph,Do you believe this??
Of course, if you answer me a question,I am not difficult for you today.。”
“Forehead,what is the problem?”
The second chapter of the night to send a basket
“Say,Why is it hiding at me??
I have so ugly,So is it terrible??”
Xu Yingying has always been hiding by Li Hui, which is worried about her.。
How did she say that in school is also a goddess?,People who chase her are also countless,Even if she chase her, she still has a lot of people behind her.。
However, she always has forgotten Li Hui Hui.。
Li Hui is taught by her.,Touch fish,Other villages bullied her Li Hui Hui to blocked her.。

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