Xia Sanhu, who was packing things up, took a look,Busy talking to Xia Jian:“You still support her,She drank a lot”

“I don’t need help,My drink is good!”Qin Xiaomin said,Fast pace。Although the body is a little shaky,But she walks very fast。Xia Jian has a look,Hurried to catch up。
The new breeding plant is built on the top of North Mountain,Higher terrain。Walking into the village is considered a downhill road,So Qin Xiaomin took advantage of the inertia of Su Xi,Faster and faster。Fortunately, this road has been hardened by cement,Otherwise she has to fall on her stomach at such a speed。
Bright moon,Late at night。Qin Xiaomin dashed ahead,Xia Jian walked fast and followed behind her。that’s it,Two people running,A chase。I’m going down to the entrance of the village,But at this moment,Qin Xiaomin, who was running up, suddenly screamed,Immediately afterwards, his body tilted,The whole thing fell down。
Xia Jian, who followed her, saw it,Can’t help being surprised。He jumped up with a stride,Put your arms around,Just hugged Qin Xiaomin’s soft body。
“what happened to you?”Xia Jian hugged Qin Xiaomin and asked nervously。
Qin Xiaomin’s messy hair under the moonlight,Her original pale face will become paler。Xia Jian faintly felt wrong,He understood from Qin Xiaomin’s twisted face,What might be wrong with this woman。
“foot!Twisted ankle”It may be the severe pain that made Qin Xiaomin wake up from drunkenness。
Xia Jianyi listen,Busy helping her say:“Sit down,let me see”
Qin Xiaomin at this time is gentle like a kitten,She held Xia Jian’s body,Slowly sat on the concrete floor。Under the moon,Xia Jian found out that this woman was wearing high heels。She walks like this,It’s strange if you don’t twist your feet。
When his hand touched Qin Xiaomin’s injured foot,Qin Xiaomin’s body trembled with pain。
Although the moon is big,But I want to see where Qin Xiaomin’s feet are wrong,But Xia Jian’s eyes are almost attached,Still can’t see clearly。
“stop looking,Go back first,It’s useless to see here”Qin Xiaomin split his mouth and said。
Xia Jian responded,So he stood up quickly。He then bent down,I want to help Qin Xiaomin up。But Qin Xiaomin’s injured foot can’t use strength at all。Xia Jianyi is worried,He stretched his hands under her armpits,Hugged her abruptly。Inadvertently,Xia Jian’s hand touched a small mountain peak on Qin Xiaomin’s chest。
Although it’s in the night,But Xia Jian could still feel that Qin Xiaomin’s face suddenly felt shy。But the situation is critical,Don’t allow Xia Jian to think,He squatted on Qin Xiaomin’s feet,Suddenly picking up Qin Xiaomin and left。
Because Qin Xiaomin didn’t expect Xia Jian to carry her on his back,So when she realized,Her whole body crawled on Xia Jian’s generous back。
Xia Jian also felt the softness of Qin Xiaomin’s two high seats on his back,That feels really refreshing。He really wants to keep walking with Qin Xiaomin on his back。
Gradually,Qin Xiaomin who was crawling on Xia Jian’s back also relaxed,Not only did she crawl on Xia Jian’s back,And her two tender arms,And hug Xia Jian’s neck。
Happiness comes too suddenly,Xia Jian couldn’t help but slow down。He not only has to walk with weight,You have to control your own demon。Situation like this,Even men think。
Finally took Qin Xiaomin back to his bedroom,Already this time,Xia Jian was too embarrassed to disturb his parents again。He is going to personally check Qin Xiaomin’s injuries。

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