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CUBA-Huaqiao University scores 28 points and clogs Chongqing’s liberal arts in 3 quarters

CUBA-Huaqiao University scored 28 points in Chongqing’s liberal arts The 2015 National College Basketball League (CUBA) 16 Finals was held in Xi’an on the 27th.The Huaqiao University men’s basketball team defeated the Chongqing liberal arts team and advanced to the quarterfinals.  At the beginning of this game, the traditional strong team Huaqiao University firmly controlled the […]


There are many part-time tricks for hawkers and takeaways.

There are many “part-time” tricks for hawkers and takeaways. Affected by the epidemic, almost all global sports events are closed, and athletes are also in “temporary unemployment.”For top professional athletes, even if the salary is temporarily reduced or there is no income, you can rely on sponsorship and accumulated wealth in the past to ensure […]

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