Deep poor goose is difficult to sell to help people come to help Zhangzhou News Cangzhou Information

  "Thank you so much. If you are not selling, I really don’t know how to deal with more than 100 Takins.

"On November 25th, Yinqiao Village, Pancun Town, Mingguang City, took off a poor Hu Jia ticket from helping people, Yin Baofeng, was happy to say. Hu Jia ticket is 52 years old, there is a pair of children, it is a happy family, Later, due to family changes, the husband and wife were divorced, and he lived with a child.

It can not be born, because the conflict is hurting the head, falling down the sequelae, not talking, legs with legs, can’t engage in serious physical labor, making this original broken family snow, life is very tethemative.

  In 2014, Yinqiao Village, Pancun Town, according to the procedure, as a poverty, and encouraging him to cheer for the child. Under the government’s help and their own efforts, Hu Jia ticket was rely on hardworking, and the "poverty hat" was taken at the end of 2019. Hur family tickets are full of poverty, while doing a good job in food production, we will grow income in the goose, duck, chickens.

In 2019, he tried to raise and out of the column 3 batch of Turns more than 400, and the income is considerable.

After taste the sweetness, in 2020, he put more than 20,000 yuan, and cultured 350 Tshan. At the same time, more than 200 ducks, more than 300 soil chicken.

After the big white goose is exported, I can’t sell it by the market fluctuations. Since the development of party history, Pancun Town has adhered to the "grinding stone" of party history as a "grinding stone", focusing on the masses, "urgent expensive", precision policy, targeting, and in-depth promotion "I am doing for the masses Practice activities, the majority of party members and cadres are constructed in vivid practice as the people’s feelings, the people’s acquisition, happiness, and safety are constantly enhanced. Big white goose delay in poverteen, touched the heart of the town village cadres, they want to help Hu’s house to find buyers. After contact with the company, catering business households, some love people actively respond, actively go to the door. The person in charge of the Jingyi Hotel purchased more than 30 胡 家 家 老 胡 胡 胡,,,, 家: 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合Buying his home poultry and native products, contributing to them as soon as possible.

"In the two days of work, Hu Family ticket breeding Turki, including ducks, earth chicken, earth eggs are bought. Looking at the scenes in front of me, Hujia ticket is beautiful.

"Thanks to the town village to help the cadres, thank you for your love people, with your help, I am more confident, I have to expand the scale of breeding in the coming year, driving other villagers together to engage in breeding, and get rich together.

"Hu Jia ticket said happily. (Guo Mao let Xue Hui Liu Wenjun).

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