Because he can’t talk nonsense,At this time,Bei Gongya still needs to make a face!

And if he is afraid of not going to die,Talk out,The prestige accumulated with great difficulty is gone,Will become the laughingstock of the city,Targeted,So he can’t refuse。
“so be it!Without delay,Brother Ya,We’ll start right away?”Wu Hao looks sincere,An unconcealable smile on his face,Outrageous shout。
Bei Gongya is desperate,I just nodded silently,All sad tears,Can only flow into the stomach,Knocked down front teeth,Can only swallow in the belly。
Who told myself to be handsome just now,Stand up and provoke,Then I have to pretend to be heroic,Drink that bowl of broken wine!
now,Some people present finally came to their senses,Thinking in their hearts,It seems that Mr. Mu is not too satisfied with the choice of this grandson-in-law.!
Look at this situation,Bei Gongya has been smashed,Pathetic,The Beigong family is so pitiful!
Chapter nine hundred and seventy nine Black Blood Blade
() Hongliu Chengye,Outside Changting,Gudaobian。
Lu Menglin turned into a martial hero,Sitting in the pavilion beside the official road,Holding a bronze wine glass in his hand,Staring at the small square table in front of you with a smile。
“Brother Ya,What are you doing??Pour wine!I didn’t invite you to stand guard!”Wu Hao laughed loudly。
Beigongya, standing next to it like a wood,An expression of impossibility,Without any choice,I had to lean over and pour a glass of wine for this fanatic。
In order to resist this military disaster for Hongliu City,Bei Gongya came here with this madman。
It is said that this official road is the only way from the teleportation formation to Hongliu City,Riding on the arrogance of the black blood,Will not conceal Xingzang,So just wait here,They will come。

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